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I'm having a permanent ileostomy on June 16. I'm a long time inflammatory bowel disease patient. My surgery is being done at a hospital which is not in my hometown. What should I take with me for post surgery... in the hospital and for about a week staying in an Airbnb before heading home?

Comfortable clothing, slip on shoes, and flushable wet wipes to clean the end of your bag. Then, just normal stuff.

Why are you staying in an Airbnb. I would say you will want to be in your own home, in your own bed, in your own bathroom to figure stuff out it ain't gonna be no vacation. #justsaying... I have had 6 surgeries

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How far away from home are you and isn't there someone to get you back home? Get hold of the Stoma Nurse at the Hospital your going to and also the Stoma nurse in your hometown and they will tell you what you need and supply you with all the Ostomy products you will need. Good Luck and keep us up to date. Regards IGGIE

Hi Deborah welcome to the site and good luck with the surgery and recovery, i would request some samples from the major ostomy product makers and i dont know what bnb provides but bring easy to digest foods like yogurt, also hydration drinks like gatorade.

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Welcome to the site. You've got this . Remember Education is key on this new journey of yours. I suggest you check out UOAA, United Ostomy Association of America. It's our National organization. Also , Ostomy101.com . There ;You will learn about foods, blockages, skin care, clothing , Ostomy products, travel, activities , and a whole host of other tricks of the trade. You might also want to check out a local support group near you . Just remember you are not alone on this new journey of yours. . Best of luck.

I don't know how things are in the States, but here in Canada, you are sent home post surgery with tons of products. They supplied me with enough pouches to last me a couple of months at least, as well as all the other essentials, scissors, mirror, stoma powder and skin prep, barrier rings, the works. They even gave me a couple of different brands of pouches so I could compare. I was given a couple of lessons on changing my pouch and did my own first change at the hospital with the ostomy nurse there in case I needed help. Maybe you can make some enquiries before you go, so you know what to expect?Good luck and keep in touch after you are home. We are all here to help and you will have lots of questions in the early days.


Hi, will you have anyone staying with you once you leave the hospital since you'll Be somewhere unfamiliar?

In the hospital: headphones,laptop/iPad , kindle/book, glasses (if you need them), robe, slippers/crocs/sandals how long are you going to be in the hospital? because this list could definitely be longer or shorter

Does the air bnb supply extra towels and sheets? ;I would have chux pads to put on top of the fitted sheet. Disinfectant wipes. Lots of paper towels. Get a pack of inexpensive wash clothes at Walmart or someplace similar in gray, black, or brown. Dial soap. Peri bottle (see if a nurse will get you one if you like to use to rinse out your ostomy bag). Make sure the hospital gives you the bags to dispose of whatever ostomy bags they send you to the Airbnb/home with. Water bottles with electrolytes. Food that fits whatever diet you are sent to Airbnb on. I'll come back and as more helpful/maybe helpful ideas pop in my head

Oh, if you'll be around Cleveland let me know if I can be of any help

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