Seeking Advice for Healing Skin Issues Around Low-Profile Stoma

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I have an ileostomy with watery output. I had my ostomy surgery in 1984. I've been having skin issues around my stoma for years. I've tried just about everything. I have a low-profile stoma (doesn't stick out but about 1/2"), is placed too low on my stomach, about 1 1/2" to 2" from the bend of my leg. My stoma is in a "small cave" in my stomach, and I have to use a deep convex wafer. I've used all different brands of pouches and all different brands of accessories that go along with having an ostomy and have tried different products that don't pertain to an ostomy. The skin halfway around my stoma is red and weepy but doesn't itch, and only hurts slightly. I can't get anything to heal this. Any suggestions on how to heal this skin??


I had watery output as well and had to use deep convex. There was one brand that I didn't use regularly because I had a lot of leaks with it but it worked well to have that one on for 24 hrs to help the skin heal. Have you ever asked a dermatologist about it? I know for some people having a lot of issues they can make custom ones- do you have an ostomy nurse you could ask about that? Has your care team ever talked about making a new stoma site?
Sorry I'm throwing out more questions than helpful answers at the moment

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The main question is: are you having redness, weepy, and irritated skin from leaking or from the product?


You ever think of having your stoma relocated to a better location?


Why suffer? I would have stoma redone. You will have this situation for the rest of your life. Makes no sense to live this way. A stoma should be carefree and painless. It's possible with a great surgeon. Are you in the USA?

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I agree with the others that mentioned getting the stoma relocated. That sounds like a really bad spot you have there but in the meantime maybe try using some domboro soaks when you take the pouch off. You can find it in the pharmacy but call to make sure they carry it before you go. Most do carry it or a generic equivalent. It's packets in a box and you follow the directions on the package. Mixing a packet in a bowl of hot water. Take a paper towel and get it wet with the mixture and just wrap it around your stoma for about 15 minutes. You can do this every pouch change until the skin heals. It's very soothing and really does work. Then maybe use Cavilon barrier wipe before applying the pouch and a cera ring barrier ring. The cera ring is supposed to help with healing. Maybe check the size you're cutting the hole too because it sounds like something may be leaking around the stoma area. I know if I cut mine too big I leak there or if I cut them too small they leak there and it gets under the whole wafer. Have you tried Convatec hard convex active life pouch yet? I had good luck with that and a cera ring with my flat stoma. The Coloplast mio is okay too but just recently I had a batch with leaky ends so I switched back to my Convatec active life. I wanted to say also if you are pancaking that might be an issue and you may have to rinse when emptying. Soap that's used when changing, I think Dial Gold with a good rinse has been the best for a good seal. Also, there's no set rule on how long we have to leave our pouches on. We are all different and have different skin types, etc. I change every day or my stoma and peristomal area would be a red painful mess. Watch out for oily or conditioning shampoos or conditioners in the shower because those will loosen your seal around the stoma. Don't have any lotions on your hands when changing or emptying your pouch. Oh, and one more thing, when you put on a fresh bag, put the pouch belt on to hold it against for about 10-15 minutes so it adheres well.

I am no expert but just some things I've learned along the way from my Ostomy journey and suggestions from my stoma nurses. I hope you can get this to heal; it has to be very painful to have this problem for so long.

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