Amazon Find: Tank Dress for Stoma - Perfect for Any Occasion!


I have a tip for those looking for the perfect dress to work with an existing stoma. I found it on Amazon - tank dress with ruched tie waist. It's a mini but longer on my 5' 4" height. It has a lot of give in front for an expanding bag but hugs everywhere else. I bought four, just wore one to my niece's bridal shower. I know how challenging clothes can be for us and wanted to share.

Morning glory

Thanks, the dress looks very nice on you.

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You look fab!! X


Looking good, lady! The dress looks like it would be comfortable too.


Looks great

Getting Support in the Ostomy Community with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Love it!!!


Okay, here's the male point of view...  you look fabulous!  


Wonder if it will look as good on me as it does on you ....

Reply to Axl

Axl, please post pictures.'

ron in mich

Looks cool and lightweight, ideal for the temps this time of year, nice pic.


I'm ordering two for special occasions, thanks. Hope they get here before the first week of August.


You look fantastic! I got the same thing going with a couple of my summer tops that tie just below the waist and are perfect camouflage for my bulge.



I love the dress and it looks great on you. I am also petite. Would you mind telling me the brand? I'd go buy 4 of them as well.

Thanks for sharing.


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Well, buy one, put it on and please post a pic!

Reply to AlexT

As you say, "Pics or it didn't happen!"

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Here you go, Connie. Got it on Amazon. It'll look great on you!

AMABMB Women's Summer Casual Elegant Tank Dress Party Bodycon Ruched Tie Waist Birthday Mini Dresses 375-Minzufeng-M


Wow!! You look fantastic Effy. Nice color, great hair too.....Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

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Oh Lord, I've successfully inserted my foot. Anyone wanna give insight into what color would go well with my hair or eyes? "

Monsieur Le President

You look lovely. Happy.

Enjoy your life.


Love it!!! Will definitely look into this for my upcoming cruise.


The dress looks so cute on you. Thank you!

I'm always looking for dresses, and clothes in general that will camouflage my stoma area. I usually look for patterns too because they seem to work better than solid color fabrics.


Ladies, I'm laughing because I hope we all get this ostomy-friendly dress but we just won't ever be able to show up to the same occasion......although maybe we should and that would be a hoot!

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I'd get the green one, Alex. It will show that fake butt off. LOL XX


You look stunning in the dress. Thanks for sharing. XX

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My sister and I have done this so many times especially with Amazon. We both bought the same bag in the same color for Disney (how many millions of bags are sold on there for us to get the same brand, style, and color). We'll show up to events in the same dress but different colors or reverse matching so her shirt is the color of my cardigan and my shirt the color of her cardigan. Her daughter looks like my son's twin. We currently have one matching shirt on purpose but that's it. I wonder what our brains are doing the same to choose the same things on Amazon as much as we do. I showed up to Christmas in an elf romper though and was sad she was dressed more 'normal' because she is like Buddy the Elf and loves all things Christmas.

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You look stunning in yours, Caz!


You look fab!

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I also looked up this dress. I love it but would like to get one that is not sleeveless. Can you tie this on both sides? Might have to get one to try it out. I'm petite too at only 4'11 and a bit overweight, so not sure it will look great on me. Thanks.

Reply to Virgo68

Hi Virgo, this one only ties on the right side. You can go on Amazon and look up "side tie, ruched dress, short (or long) sleeved" and see what pops up. I do know that these are typically short but the models are tall so they are longer on me and I'm 5' 4".

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On Amazon: "MEROKEETY Women's Short Sleeve Crew Neck T Shirt Dress Tie Waist Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress" and this one:

"Berydress Women's Classic 3/4 Sleeve V Neck Sheath Casual Party Work Faux Black Wrap Dress"