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We used baby oil for the first time because we ran out of the usual lubricant. My husband was leaking and we really couldn't find where it was leaking from. It did not appear to be oozing around the flange. Has anyone ever had any issues with baby oil affecting the bag in any way? We put on a new bag without oil and waiting now to see what happens. Never a dull moment.

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I have an ileostomy (3 years) and have been using baby oil in my bag for a few months now as was recommended on this site.

In fact, I drop oil in at least once a day and sometimes more - never very much at one time. First ;- ;I pour water in to rinse and clean the bag followed by a small dollop of oil. I ALWAYS put baby oil in at bedtime. Not a lot as I do not want my stoma to get oiled up, but just enough to spread around from bottom edge of stoma to out spout. I do change every other day as well. Fingers crossed my only leak was from a product I used one time which had no adhesive tape around the outside edge of the wax. jb

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I think you answered my question. I think I put too much in and as you said, the stoma got oiled up.


i use baby oil on my colostomy bag and i think if you use to much then you weaken the seal and you then get an opening on your pouch resulting in product leaking. it has happenned to me a couple of times.


Little is more. Dont over do it.


Nobody likes an oily stoma. a couple drops is all, just so the bag doesn't stick together and your output slides.


I put baby oil or cooking oil interchangeable, I have colostomy, most waste is soft and dry ( depending the food ) and cooking oil can let them slide down very fast then baby oil. If you change your pouches every couple days it is ok for a little drops, but my case is use the for 7 days, the pouch and flange getting weak, also the waste slide down speed much slower and smell getting harsh as well.

sharing my experience.
if urgent, cooking oil also able to play the trick!


I'm sorry for thinking this but when you said my husband I ran out of our usual lubricant and used baby oil, I thought it was for sex! Then you wrote you changed the bag and were waiting to see what I thought "intermission"!!ha ha ha And I thought what a great relationship you have!


Hi I've been using baby oil for about a year and a half. Have no problem maybe your putting to much in. I also rince bag a couple times a dayand squirt a bit in then not much. Hope it gets better

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OMG. You really gave me a good laugh this morning. I loved it.


Well you guys are all correct. I was putting way too much in the bag. Thanks to all. And a special thanks to ahynes111 for the delightful thoughts. It made our morning.


I have never used or heard of putting oil in the pouch. Why is it done. I believe that there is a deodorant for the pouch that contains oil. Is it used for ilieostomy or colostomy?

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Use baby oil for pancaking and it's just cheaper to buy

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You can use it for either.


I have been using Baby oil in my pouch now for over 10 months. I put a quick squirt along with some M9 every time I empty my pouch which is usually 3-4 times daily. I have been using the  Coloplast  SenSura Mio 2-Pc Click Barriers which I change habitually every 6 days and have had no issues with the baby oil effecting longevity nor leakage. Bag empties very easily due to the oil causing a slip and slide out technique. As I have researched many of times, everybody is different so what might work for me will not for the next person.



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The baby oil is to help waste to slide to the out spout and I am guess it works for either a colostomy or ileostomy.  Many people use the deodorants for the smell factor.  I believe any smells are directly related to some filters (charcoal or whatever on their appliances that could allow for air escape).  I use pouches/bags whatever you call them that are airtight.  One piece pouch with clip closing that DO NOT have any vents of any type or places where air can seep out - I think this is why my shit don’t stink (love this term and I use it loosely).  The only smell is when the pouch is opened to the porcelain god and no longer airtight.  Just my personal opinion.  jb


Yes to what everyone else said.  Also, I swear it makes my output congeal a bit making it easier to get rid of. That's something I've been looking for for years.

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