Almost 8 months out.

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That’s me.. :)  8 months out from what I thought was the worst moment of my life. As we all know, going through the trauma before and even after surgery, can be hard to recover from. 

I haven’t been on here in a while but figured I’d swing by for an update. 

Since the big day I took a few months off to focus on recovery. I followed the rules, didn’t lift anything heavy, and kept a food journal. 

3 months in a I started exploring with new foods, the gym, and even travel. With every small success came confidence. 

Today I’m almost 8 months out and…

  • I’ve travelled twice and both trips included many strenuous activities, water sports, and even climbing mountains. (Picture above) lol
  • I’m about 90% back to my gym routine before surgery. Deadlifting about 175, running, biking, etc. I should mention that I wear a stealth belt night and day, 24:7 since the surgery keeps everything snug and me confident  
  • the big one… food. I’ve had just about everything and it all comes out. I spend more time chewing things that need it, but easily digesting foods I eat and chew like before. When I’m very worried or trying something new, I’ll usually accompany it with a beer or something. -
  • I empty my pouch 3 times a day and once at night on average. Mucus output has increased to like once a day. 

Just swinging by for some positivity and good vibes. Hope everyone is well. 

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It's  good to hear you have adjusted  so well. Stay in touch.

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Good to hear you are doing so well Danno!



So amazing!! 👊🏽 I’m hitting 6 weeks postop colostomy and I love when ppl are in a good place, gives me hope! Glad all is going good and you are doing well! 


Good to hear you are doing so well Danno! 🤩

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You got this!!! 


Similar to mine. Hope you are doing well. I am also on a 3 step surgery plan. The first one was no problem and I rank it a 3 out of 10 on a pain scale. The second one with the loop ileostomy was very painful at a 8 out of 10. This is for me obviously, everyone is different. 

The hardest part for me for the second one was getting the bowel to wake up. I threw up alot of bile the first few days because I wasnt moving enough and walking around. I have the third one scheduled for December. My pouch is well but I do get a lot of mucus through the day. 

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Which surgery did you have?


You're doing great!!!


You drink beer?  I miss it.  It gas fills my pouch. fast.  I empty 7-8 times a day.  UC/Crohn's & I must eat several times a day.  Got a small prolapse, lifting.  You are lucky & probably young.  Took me 3+ yrs to get strong enough to hike Glacier/Canadian Rockies.  Lost my core & gave up climbing.  Keep on hiking!! Sorry for inverted pic.


Danny you are a trooper! I was born in Canada and had an ileostomy since I was 20. I live and work in Houston, the hot spot in North America. I still run, bike, use an elliptical on the highest setting, I swim arms only (I’m not disabled) and use small weights for my arm strength. I do not even want to try lifting because of the possibility of a hernia. Please be careful with that Danny. I wear a Stealthbelt 24:7 too and can eat anything also. I will be 65 in October. Enjoying life every minute I can get in. Be well! Mike



So what did you end up being diagnosed with that caused your life changing surgery?


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For me the first one was a breeze. I didn’t even fill my prescription when I got home.

Do you know any reason why the second one hurt more? And in which ways? My system fell asleep too and I did the same. Just spent the day throwing up bile and it came back online. 

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Temp ileostomy. I have two more to go! 

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I do drink beer. Often too. Haha. I’m not sure why but my gas levels actually reduce after a night of drinking. I don’t normally see liquid output unless I drink a few days in a row. 

honestly, I think I get more gas on the days I don’t drink. Maybe cause I eat more? Who knows. 

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Glad you’re doing awesome! 

I obviously would never want a hernia, but I continue to push myself a little more each day. I should mention that I had a really strong core going into the surgery. I’ve been a very active fitness freak my whole life. 

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I suffered from severe UC for the last 7-8 years.  It wasn’t an emergency surgery but my quality of life was horrible and continued to get worse. I was on every medication and biological there is. so.. The surgery was a choice. Some days I regret it… others I think it was the best choice I ever made. 


Love this!  Thanks for giving me hope.  Mine was emergency surgery 3 months ago, so the recovery might be longer, but I hope to continually feel better.  

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