Using Cortisone Cream Around Stoma: Safe or Harmful?

Oct 16, 2023 12:54 pm

Hi. I've been dealing with my skin breaking out for the last month. I had a breach and ever since, it's been hard to get my skin to heal. I just tried using some 2% cortisone cream and putting calamine lotion on top of that, followed by a double barrier. Has anyone ever used cortisone cream around their stoma before? I'm concerned if I might do more harm to the skin. Thanks for any input.

Oct 16, 2023 3:10 pm

When my skin breaks out, I use a product called Marathon. I have never used anything else on that area. I would say if it burns or itches after you put the stuff on, then don't do it again. When you change your bag and wafer, do you put no sting barrier film over the skin before placing the wafer on? It is important to do that step. If you don't have barrier film, you can also use stoma powder. I personally don't like the powder. But I always use no sting barrier film when I make a change, unless I have broken skin, then I use Marathon.


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Oct 16, 2023 10:08 pm

I would not use any creams around your stoma. They will inhibit your bag seal and likely make leakage worse. The most common cause of parastomal irritation is leakage. That being said, what I would do is what my WOC nurse said: use only paper towels and water to clean. Use Adapt Stoma Powder on skin that is broken down and remove the excess. If the skin is intact, it may not be necessary and just red. Then cautiously use Cavilon liquid skin barrier. You need to make sure that your barrier adequately fits. Sometimes a thin wafer next to the stoma will prevent output from contacting the skin.

There are other reasons for "break out" too: folliculitis, yeast, soap, and lotions.

If you are going to use a steroid like cortisone, it is best to use Flonase. It is liquid. It should dry and not inhibit a bag seal. Don't hesitate to contact a WOC nurse if you don't see improvement.

Oct 17, 2023 1:40 pm
Reply to infinitycastle52777

I have used the no sting barrier but didn't do it this last time because of everything I put on with the cortisone, calamine lotion, and pieces of kayra ring over the damaged skin. I have never heard of Marathon. Could you please tell me what Marathon is? I've never heard of that. Thanks for the info.


Oct 17, 2023 1:54 pm
Reply to gentlejohn

I have heard of Flonase. I will use that next time. My skin got bad because I had a breach and didn't get to change the pouch fast enough. I always use a barrier around the stoma. The skin got bad below the barrier ring.

Thank you for the information.

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