Gas and Eating


So, it has come to my attention lately that if I skip a meal "Marvin" gets very gassy. Is there some reason for this?


Bob 48

Not sure the exact reason but maybe because when your bowels are empty it can cause a build up of acid but don't quote me on that. It is common though for ileostomates. I'd say it's common for most people but a colon can collect a lot of gas before it gets passed. Hunger pains, empty stomachs growling and stuff like that is all possibly signs of gas building up. I had my colon removed 20 years ago and miss the ability to hold gas in till I can go somewhere safe to let oe out lol

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The output of gas is either from air that you swallow or food that you eat.  

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So am I swallowing air just because I am breathing? Because there was no food in my stomach so it couldn't be food.


Hi lee, I saw your question and I saw different responses, to some degree are correct.  I did not read an obvious answer— although t your stomach was empty, you still have fermenting bacteria working in your gut.  Things our stomach can’t digest so time into the intestine and are broken down by bacteria. Artifial sugars, and some natural ones like prunes are fermented.  Fibers cr like cabbage and  broccoli  also ferment and make gas.  Here is a fun thought— eat some carbs and add some yeast like beer!!!   You can fill balloons!!

anyone try GAS-X????

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I need a beer or maybe vodka would be better. But nope nope don't have any. I know carbonated beverages cause gas. I try to avoid them. It was just curious to me that Marvin could be so gassy with nothing in my stomach yet. 


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