Nov 01, 2023 8:43 am


Dissatisfaction comes when we
feel that we are unhappy.
which can lead us to frustration
and, in turn to aggravation. 

Dissatisfaction’s discontent,
which can be hard to circumvent
and yet, there are techniques for this
to help prevent coming amiss.

Happiness can be elusive 
and it rarely is conclusive,
so I prefer to find contentment 
as a better sentiment 

Whenever I’m dissatisfied
I try to take it in my stride
and think the problems through until
I can solutions then fulfil.

Some things that dissatisfy me
have to do with my ostomy,
as when it is dysfunctional
it may make me emotional.

But I know that emotions may
be controlled and can give way
to logic and to reason, so
that’s the way I tend to go. 

The process of deliberation,
focussing and contemplation,
can often bring us satisfaction
because it is a great distraction.

I know that stomas can frustrate,
so that’s why I won’t hesitate
to focus all my thoughts upon
distractions ‘till the problem’s gone.

                                                B.Withers 2023

Nov 01, 2023 1:36 pm

👏👏👏 (hands clapping)

Soooo true! JB

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