My 1 year Stomaversary


Time flys when you're changin' bags.....  or was it having fun???

Today I celebrate 1 year since my "reversal." Reversal of fortune.  One day I'm close to dying, next day I wake up to no pain, and a funny looking bag on my tummy.  

I have gained faith, but still struggle emotionally.  We physically heal.. but the core of our being has been shaken through our trial by fire.  I'm unsure if I will ever regain my "tough cat" self.  In a way  this is a good thing.  

And now I'm going to mow down some Stomaversary pizza.  



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Hello Beachboy. 
Thanks for sharing your anniversary thoughts, which seem to be not too far away from those I tried to capture yesterday in my latest rhyme.
I will post it here , but Admin have asked me to post these things separately on the forum so that they automatically get transferred to the 'collections' section so I'll do both. 
Best wishes



Stomas are distortions where the
colon is twisted so we see
it protrudes from out of our tum
instead of coming from our bum.

This, for some, can be traumatic,
which can be quite problematic, 
not just because it’s physical
but also psychological.

For certain ostomates may find
distortion comes within their mind
and a consequential result
is that they find this difficult. 

When struggling with their wayward pooh
they need to change their point of view,
to twist it ‘round, so it will be
a friend instead of enemy.

Adjusting to this thing’s a must
but not everyone has that trust
in themselves, that they will cope
 so, some may even give up hope.

Trauma comes in many forms
and does not stick to our known norms,
and yet, we know it distorts thought
when some ill-fated folks get caught.

When trauma lasts for many years
some victims are reduced to tears
because they cannot see the light
or a path to put things right.

This mental distortion is such
that it can very often touch
those folk, who normally are strong,
but trauma’s made their minds go wrong. 

These people need help and support
to change perspectives that distort. 

                                                B.Withers 2023

ron in mich

Hi BB happy anniversary enjoy that pizza and maybe a cold one to wash it down.

Mysterious Mose

Happy anniversary, Dan! My same milestone will be the 29th of next month. We keep pluggin' along. :-)


How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Happy Anniversary Beachboy - you are an inspiration to many here, including me!  I hope you enjoyed your pizza!


It was a lovely, large thick crust, pepperoni & pineapple Roundtable pizza.  Very yummy. 

It's amazing the difference a year "post op" makes.  First month I could hardly get off the couch.  Then I fell down the stairs.  Luckily I didn't damage anything but my butt.  Then I had a hole pop open at the bottom of my surgical wound, which totally freaked me out.  I had no clothes to wear.  Since losing so much weight, everything was wayyy too big.  Amazon to the rescue with tiny pants sizes that fit me.

Being an engineering type... I completely over thought the wafer change process.  Used to spend 45 minutes getting the hole cut just perfect.  Now using a barrier ring, get it done in 10 minutes.

What really helped the most, was this web site.  Because I was somewhat lost for awhile.  I used to worry about the stoma.  Is it working?  What can I eat?  How to take a shower?  Lots of questions, much to learn.  But all of you helped me greatly.  Your Ostomy stories, experience, expertise, poetry, humor, and support gave me the confidence to get my life back.  

Thank you all


Congratulations, Beachboy, and hoping you have many more stoma-versaries. I have had mine for almost 29 years...and counting. It was a bit to get used to but now its seems so normal to me. A wise nurse told me once, "if you had been born this way and had surgery to eliminate from the rear, you be so sad that you could not see it to clean it well." 

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