New Stoma… melted wax ring&bag sticking to stoma…HELP


Hi friends. My surgery went well! I came home on Wednesday night. 
So… my pants were a bit snug that I went home in and when I was sitting I didn’t notice that the waistband was directly over my stoma. The wax ring got malformed and started smushing out between the wafer and stoma. I have some what looks like sticky wax on the top side of the bag and it looks like it’s sticking to the stoma and wax ring on the bottom part of the plastic. I’ve also noticed the bag like suctioning to my stoma and when this has happened, I have very little output. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if I should just go ahead change the bag. The HHNurse said it was fine and I should just wait to change. I’m a bit worried as I know my stoma isn’t like a geyser, and don’t know if it’s preventing stool from passing. 
attached a pic. 


You have a filter on your bag?

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I have a urostomy, and mine will stick. I have a two piece, so when it happens, I will unsnap the top of the bag from the flange to get a little air in. That way I can get the bag unstuck. 


I also meant to say: that I'm happy your surgery went well. 


Do you have an Ileostomy or a Colostomy?  Ileostomy flows more than a Colostomy

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Output will usually push my sticking bag aside, even with lots of pancaking (when poop sticks to the bag on top of the stoma).

Do you have a one or two piece flange/bag setup?  


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Yes I do. I haven’t received supplies yet, just stuff from hospital. So I didn’t get any of those stickers to cover it yet. 

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Thank you so much. Still in pain… but that will go away soon

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Ileostomy, feels like stoma is not able to flow around the wax on the top of the bag

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It’s a one piece… I will probably change to two piece when in am able to order. 


I frequently have the wax ring pieces on my stoma and into the bag - I hate it when this happens.  It’s a result of not matching up the barrier ring with the edge of the hole in the bag.  If I take great care in matching those up and then squeezing them tightly together around the hole the wax stays put doing it’s job.  Not to fear tho - the wax floating around, sticking to the stoma, or stuck to the bag is harmless.  
I cannot answer the flowage question only to say once up in the early a.m. no output at all until my cup of coffee… just like the old days after coffee - drink one cup pee 5 cups only now it mostly exits thru my stoma.  My coffee has creamer going into my mouth but the exit is brown water…..I have a loop ileostomy not a colostomy.  jb

ron in mich

Hi RLB glad to hear the surgery went good, its a steep learning curve from here on but there,s a lot of good people here to answer any questions you might have, as for the flange riding up on your stoma just use your finger and go around your stoma and gently push on it the waxy part to get your stoma to stick out. 


Glad all went well with your surgery. Open up the end of the bag and blow some air in, then close it up. I do this occasionally but I have an ileo so my own gas and looser output seldom cause your issue.

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You can use tape. And once your filter gets clogged, having it suck to your stoma won’t be an issue. Get some air in the bag and use lubricant to keep the bag from sticking to itself. 


I think you should try a two piece convex bag. I like Hollister and it works well for my Ileostomy. My Bag is the Hollister 18183 the Wafer is the Hollister 13505 which as a pre cut hole of  29m/m The seal I use is made by Salts and it as a collar again my size is 29m/m so I order Salts DC29  You will have to measure your stoma and order as required. The image is of the Salts seal with a Collar. Regards IGGIE

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