Forgot it was there


I went shopping this morning. I always bring a water bottle with me and drink throughout the day. So bladder full, and  had to go to the restroom. Sat down, and  for a minute I looked down, saw my bag and then said to myself, oh yeah,  I need to drain this bag.It was getting full and I honestly forgot that I had it. 

If you had asked me 3 weeks ago if I would ever forget I had a bag, I would have said absolutely not, I was so focused on it. 

A lot had to do with finding the right equipment.  With the help of my  fabulous Ostomy nurse I have found the system that works for me.

Getting back to life,  forcing my self out of my comfort zone, and learning how to get out of my mind has been freeing. 

Do I still have moments when I think, I wish things were different.  Oh yes. But then I remember all the pain I've lived with for so many years, and I am grateful.

It takes time, and everyone processes things differently,  but I am here to say, life does go on. Being blessed with a good support system and therapy has helped. The folks here have been wonderful too!

Today has been a good day!


Hello Nina4.
Thanks so much for your posts. This is the second one where you have provided me with a new concept for a rhyme about stomas .
I am so grateful for these new ideas (especially those ones that have a positive tone)  as it becomes progressively harder to find new concepts the more rhymes I write. 
Tomorrow morning I will endeavour to post the completed rhyme on here for you to read. (I will also copy it into the 'social talk' section so that it gets automatically transferred to the 'collections' section).
Best wishes


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Nina4, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one the forgets my pal the bag, I am so happy and proud of your over comings, hugs!


And Bill make it a nice one looking forward to the read, your poems make me smile hugs


Told ya so. 


I've come to the point where I forget about my bag.  I don't "feel" it anymore.  Only if it gets somewhat full, I sense the weight.  But.... what a luxury... I can "hold it."  Don't have to search for a bathroom right away.  I can wait.  

Time heals.  If you're still recovering from surgery and think.... this is awful.  I'll never get used to it.  You'll get there.  Your confidence and health will return.  And once that happens, mentally you will be stronger.

Take care Stoma friends

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Hahaha,  yes you did! And thank you for that


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Time certainly is a healer. 

Thank you!

Morning glory

I am so proud  of you Nina. Look at how far you have come. I knew you would  get there. Stay strong.

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Thank you! 

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Aww, thanks Bill.  I love your writings 

 Can't wait to read.

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Thank you!

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Thank you!



It is hard living with a chronic disease and a ostomy..but not impossible. I use this quote from a popular movie to remind myself I have a choice. When you start really living the bag is a silent partner.

“It comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying"

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Love this quote. Thank you.


Yay!!!!!! That’s a huge deal! Finding the right system for you is a game changer like you said. 

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Hello Nini4.
I obviously like your writings too
especially when  they point me to
some new concepts to write my rhyme
on stomas and their slime and grime.
Best wishes



I read a lovely post today,
which made this concept come my way,
so I could ponder on what’s meant
and wrestle with the sentiment.

We people with our stomas are
sometimes feeling on a par
with others carrying baggage where
they’re sometimes forced to care down ‘there’. 

At first, it’s just a blinking chore,
especially when it’s red and raw
and needs attention all the while
which hardly warrants a big smile.

A stoma, when it’s playing up 
reminds us of the half-empty cup, 
which is the way of pessimists
and not what’s said by optimists. 

Having to deal with all that shit
needs great resolve and true grit,
which often is not what we’ve got
when we first started with this grot.

But as we learn the skills to cope
some of us will be filled with hope
that one day we will disregard
the fact that our life has been hard.

For we will realise that we
have not thought of our misery
and lived our lives quite normally,
which has been an anomaly.

This is a great experience,
which can make a big difference
to the way we view our lives
and for the future ways we strive.

                                                B.Withers 2023


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Love it Bill. Puts the journey many of us experience into words. 

Mysterious Mose

It's amazing how quickly we can "normalize" something that isn't at all normal. I often forget about my bag. Usually, it is after I have been sitting for a while and I suddenly realize my bag is about to trying to get my attention. But, the other day I got all bundled up for my morning walk and started away from the house without realizing that I hadn't got rid of breakfast. So, it was back in the house, get unbundled and do my business. I don't mind when I do that in the summer when it is shorts and a sleeveless shirt.  December is more work. :-)



Ugh, the winter bundle up. Tis the season. 

Mysterious Mose
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Well, the nice thing about having an ileostomy in Winter is having a built in hand warmer. 😂



Yes that is an amazing feeling to completely forget this thing you've been obessed with for multiple years in most of our cases. Reminds me of when I forgot of my ex-wife finally for the first time after divorce. Lol. Life goes on and you either go on with it or stay in the same spot. Congrats on getting there, it was a struggle for me, 5 total surgeries years apart, but I'm there now also. Hope all reading this make it to that point as well. Live your best life, connect with others, that's always been the key to happiness, connection with others not anything else. In my humble opinion. 

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Absolutely agree. We need to have connections in our lives. 


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