8 Days in Saint Lucia, No Bag Change. :)


Good morning all!

Thought i'd share a recent experience. 2 weeks ago i went to Saint Lucia, my fourth trip to a sunny destination since my surgery in January.  

I was in extremely hot conditions, went in the ocean multiple times, went swimming in multiple pools, went in a hot tub, steam room, shower every day, and climbed an extremely difficult mountain where i sweat so much I could fill a glass when i rung out my shirt.

All with zero bag changes. 

I feel like I have my process locked in. I have never had a leak, an explosion, or any fear whatsoever of my bag causing stress. 

Ill share my process. 

  1. Remove bag with adhesive removal spray (preferred over wipes)
  2. Clean everything with water and gauze wipes. (I get massive bags)
  3. Clean off left over residue with adhesive removal wipes.
  4. Shave hair around stoma with toilet paper roll protecting stoma.
  5. Stoma powder around stoma edge
  6. Skin barrier spray around stoma (Prefer over wipes)
  7. Blow dry it until dry and sticky.
  8. Apply barrier ring. (Make sure its tight and snug to your stoma)
  9. Cut wafer to fit nice and put on. Push into skin until you get an okay seal. (I use Sensura Mio 2 piece. Its great for athletic people)
  10. Click on bag
  11. Now this is the part a ton of people don't do that is KEY to a long lasting bag. BLOW DRY the whole thing until you have a solid seal. 

Honestly, the blow dryer is so important. I've had days where I could barely get the thing to stick. With the blow dryer that is an easy fix. 

Sometime I do notice a slight peeling in the seal when i do a lot of water activities. If I'm on vacation I ALWAYS bring a roll of "tegaderm roll." This was recommended by my stoma nurse and they are MAGICAL. You can cut them into strips and bring them with you anywhere. Provides an invisible strip to any area that starts to peel up. On my trip I had to do this once, and it kept a comfortable seal for the rest of my trip. Great for water. 

Anywho. I know everyone has different skin sensitivities, different stoma sizes, etc. But if you could take one thing away from this entire post, it's the damn blow dryer. Melt that shit to your skin. 😀






I AGREE WITH EVERY STEP [personally I omit 4 - the need to shave skin] and my base products when I am travelling are different in brand [just happens that Sensura milo stuff does not react well with me - I SO wanted it to work for me but it didn't] ] BUT I AM ABSOLUTYLY WITH YOU ON PROCESS ...... Particularly the use of Spray - for over many years of time this has been the 'secret ingredient' for me 'cause it is so important to invest effort in being kind to the skin - it has to withstand so much and continues to serve us


Focus Process and adherance to detail is all .... 

Whether its tennis matches, water sports, flying or long distance road trips its all DOWN TO THE PREP ..... that is what serves us well

[like DIY decorating one can use the most amazing paint for example but if the prep is Cr-- then the result is flawed - And its not to do with the product - only the user's process.]


And Danny, if this ever changes for you ..... just change the elements but KEEP the dedication to process 99/100 it pays off!


All Ages All  Activity - process [prep focus and execution of task] actually allows FREEDOM to BE Whatever wherever


Happy Days




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Morning glory

Very  clear instructions . So happy for you



So I routinely go 8-10 days without changing and likely could go longer. Most changes are because of the smell and build up inside the bag. I can honestly say I don’t do most of the steps you listed. I don’t use and adhesive remover, just yank it off, I jump in the shower and wash with soap and water and shave about every 3rd time then jump out dry the area with a wash clothes and slap it on. I did use a hairdryer in the past but stopped using one

Reply to Ice

Wow! That's awesome. My hair grows so fast it's such a pain getting it off even with the adhesive remover. To be honest I only change it because of the hair. haha

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Reply to Jayne

I could probably get away without all the extra stuff but I like to play it safe when I travel. At home I could probably just slap a wafer on and blow dry it. 


Ok, you just sound like you’re bragging now 😜.  Kidding!!! Seriously so happy for all you’ve been able to do and learn in this part of your story.  Happy Holidays!

Reply to Ice

I used to just yank the bag off until the stoma nurse had a stroke and gave me adhesive remover to use, didn't know it existed in the early days Lol. I dry the stoma area with a dryer then hit the adhesive with a bit of heat then just tuck it under my arm while doing the change then just wack it on.


I go 7 to 8 days between wafer change.  Could probably go longer.  With my colostomy, leaks are rare and output doesn't irritate my skin.

  I use spray adhesive remover to loosen wafer tape.  Then open an adhesive remover wipe packet and dump the excess liquid on the top of my wafer where the main seal is.  Seal separates easily.  Then use the wipe to unstick hairs and gently work around to the bottom of the wafer, which falls off.  I like the Hollister 2 piece system.  Easy to maintain/clean.  

Reply to CrappyColon

Haha. Not exactly. I just like to post different success stories to help answer the questions that I was curious about while learning and recovering. My methods wont work for everyone, but even if it helps one person get past their ostomy fears, I'm happy. :) 

Reply to Beachboy

The adhesive remover spray for me makes the removal so much easier. I have a lot of hair that goes pretty fast and it can be a bugger to pull off without help from a spray. Honestly, when I get the reversal I was thinking of lazering my entire stomach/chest so if I ever come back to an ostomy, I can do it without the hair. haha


Eight days? Good grief - I'm lucky to go eight HOURS!

Reply to bag-changer

I have a colostomy too.  I go 7 days between wafer changes.  Usually change out the bag once a week. (I use a 2 piece Hollister system).

What system/brand are you using?  How do install the wafer?  You should get alot more wear time.

Changing the wafer too often will tear up your peristomal skin.


I’m a blow dryer bagger too.  It’s the best.  


As a test.... went 9 days with same wafer.  No problems.  Skin looked great.  Moldable barrier ring hung in there, nicely stuck to the wafer.  Hair easier to shave off.  


do you have a colostomy or an ileostomy (I figured it’s not a urostomy) 



I have a colostomy.  So leaks are not a problem for me.  I get really good adhesion.