Stoma bag from leaking at night

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I constantly wake up with really bad leakage from the stoma bag/ base, I’ve tried different kinds of bases which didn’t take care of the problem, then I tried using Elastic Barrier Strips and I got an extreme rash at the outline around the stoma.  
I also realised that a maxi bag gets extremely full in a short amount of time. 
I try to eat early and lightly in the evening so it won’t happen but it’s also haven’t taken care of the problem.  
I'm so frustrated
anyone have an idea what I can do/ use ?


Are you using a barrier ring around your stoma - either placed on the bag or on your skin first?  It sounds like it is leaking only when you lay down, right,  or does it leak all the time?  Do you have a colostomy or ileostomy - output from ileostomy can be very liquid which tends to leak more easily… I just stared using Psyllium Powder (to thicken output) and it has been very successful in making the output more like the consistency of oatmeal as was recommended by my surgeon.  This may help you as well ?  jb

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I have a colostomy so my output is usually not too loose but I still got leakage after a day or two. I started using barrier rings, at first I put them on the wafer but not I mold them around the stoma and then put my wafer on. Now I can usually get 5-7 days before changing. I warm the ring up under my arm for a couple minutes to soften it to make it easier to mold. If it tears I just put the tear at the top. I tried extender samples I received from Hollister and they were good. Bought cheaper ones from Amazon and they irritated the skin. If I get the ring and wafer on without any misplacements, I don't need extenders. Trial and error, you'll get there. Stay strong 

Mysterious Mose

Are you using a flat wafer or convex?

Mysterious Mose

Are you using a flat wafer or convex?

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

she has a colostomy from another thread she first wrote.

leaks and leakage totally suck.

since u are new to this, its gunna take time and patience and acceptance of what will work for you.

saying you leak at night is pin pointing your complaint.

assuming no leakage during the day is understood.

at night trying to sleep on your back seems impossible however there are tricks to that.

staying on topic abt leaks sounds to me yur issue is not a liquid leak but solid leak. its still messy. i realize that.. but u do need to tell us a few things abt yur appliance.

the type.. if a seal is used? one piece or two? and if u wear a belt or wrap?

leaks from the bottom while on back is new to me. mine blow out

at sides.. so the question begs..u got liquid or solid leaking and if its the former, its sounds like adhesion or lack of it ay bottom. 

if the latter as a solid sitting at the base of yur appliance means it isnt moving to lower bag. its too solid to move or u may need to sleep on your side instead of back.. movements is what i mean. switch from back to left side for example..

also eating early should help but digesting food can take 6 to 10 hours. 

 i digest food abt 8 hrs.. but sometimes as little as four..

yea yur gunna need to focus on yur foods at night. 

write down what u eat and the time.. a short weekly journal perhaps. 

you are in the primary weeks or month of recovery. once u learn yur schedule, it will help with what ends up in yur bag at night.

and once u get a proper fitting appliance, the rest is history.

i have an ilieo.

it is different than a colostomy.

but my out put is mostly semi solid. at night and in morning though its like niagra falls.  

dont give up kiddo. we all went through this " shit management".






Yeah early on I experienced this as well it’s definitely trial and error for me. I rarely get leaks anymore but like someone said earlier being able to thicken output will help so eat more peanut butter and rice etc which will thicken and if its super active overnight can always take an Imodium which that worked well in the past. I sleep on my back and elevated as well not a lot but enough to keep the output flowing down instead of laying flat where it can just seepl thru seals etc. My Bags i found to be best is the Sensura Mio 1 piece with a protective seal barrier ring which I love as they aren’t super sticky and messy like the other ones. I hope it gets better for you. 

Reply to M32023

excellent advice. i had thought of lowering the front of my bed.

like the saying shit rolls down hill? this might be very true. hah ha.

jack up the rear of the bed or lower the front seems like a common sense idea.

no pooling= less saturation and leaks.



I've been sleeping in a recliner for this very reason. This has pretty much solved the nighttime blowout problem.

Mysterious Mose
Reply to warrior

Jack up the rear and lower the front? And wear the back upside down? I would think you would want to do just that opposite, unless you sleep with your head at the foot of the bed. Of course, I suppose the answer to this dilemma is that you consider the foot of the bed as the front. That must be it, as this caused me some consternation when I first read it. 🤪


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