I have about 5 unopened boxes of ostomy supplies bc I was sent too much every month by my insurance company...much more than I needed. Is it donatable if the individual boxes of supplies have never been opened? Would hate to throw it all away.


Yep, you can donate. 

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Friends of ostomates world wide is an organization that will take donations. Use osto AI and ask about donations.


Your local hospital should accept donations too.  I donate extra medical supplies to my surgeon.

Mysterious Mose

If you have a local ostomy support group, they will usually gladly take donations.


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Your local Ostomy support group in NJ will gladly accept them.

Reply to Mysterious Mose

Before donating to a support group please check and find out if they have a donation closet. Otherwise they may not have  a place to store them.

Your best bet is to send them to Friends of Ostomates Worldwide. Or even call your supplier and see if they will take them back. 


im a keeper.

this stuff is expensive. and if the products still work for you, I'd keep them.

always good to have a back up plan..

i gve to local hospital wound care dept.

the product did fit me anymore..i out grew it .found a better product.

don't throw away anything🤦‍♂️

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