anal discharge


Is it normal after a 1 1/2 months to still have the urge to have a bowel movement and a small amount of something coming out, also watery brown stuff when I wipe


I have the understanding that it IS/DOES...

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you got to explain a bit more on your condition..

ileo? colostomy? sounds like u are not sewn up down do tell.



3-1/2 years - still have urge to purge and an occasional fart - love those always puts a smile on my face unlike the old days.  Rarely (if I go sit on toilet) I also have had a baby-sized turdlet which I have been told is normal mucus (hate that word) - I refer to that as an escapee 🤭. jb

Mysterious Mose

Perfectly normal. Here is a post that covers mucus discharge.


Getting Support in the Ostomy Community with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Rose Bud 🌹

Yes as previously's normal unless there's blood...then go get checked right away..what's coming out is mucus/mucus can be just a little or it can be a little "turd "you can see in the toilet( it can be sticky so make sure you wipe well or use booty wipes)....and sometimes people have Phantom Butt syndrome..yes it's REAL just like when people lose an arm or leg and sometimes feel its still long as you still have your stump intact you'll probally have feel like you have to 💩 normal..just don't stran and cause more issues. 


interesting replies..i am puzzled at how a sewn up hole can still weep or drip.

recent kenn butt.

but since 2016 large colon was removed. no phantom bm's.

since..from that point in time bloody mucus all those yrs..and that occured without need to sit on toilet.

it would spit out into a pad i used. 

with ken butt presently..i can feel something dripping between cheeks as i sit watching t.v.

usually i have to be relaxed when it drips while sitting.

oh that smell sucks too.


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G-Day Warrier,  Are you saying you have a Ken Butt and still getting some leaking???  That's impossible unless you have a small opening or a Fistula. Check it out mate. Regards Ken Butt IGGIE

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yes..iggie.. very minor drip..squeeze between the cheeks. a very light weep if that.

surgeon said it happens and is normal. bullshit.🤬

i dont like it.  it smells. 💩

i keep it clean but its just disappointing.🤦

somehow i know its impossible..yet i think condensation.. happens..and this too.ugh. 


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Was your Rectom removed as well as your Anus?  I would get the Surgeon to open it up and clean it out and re stitch it again, your wide open for infection. Regards IGGIE 

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Yes that's correct everything has been removed rectum anus large intestine and all sewn up but like I said even before the surgery he said you'd end up getting a little leakage or what he calls a weep effect so he's looked at it recently and he said everything look good so I see him again within a month have him check it out again but something I don't know something just doesn't seem right

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G-Day Warrior,  I have had done all you said Colon removed, Anus and Rectum removed and Butt sewn up.  Not only do I not get anything weeping out but it is not supposed to. Tell your Surgeon your getting a second opinion after youve asked him where he studied being  Surgeon. He as left something or forgot to do something right. Regards IGGIE


Yes, it's normal.  But if you have a lot of pain and blood, you might be getting a diversion colitis.  I did 5 weeks after my last ostomy. (colostomy) It was painful and did a number on my rectum. But my reversal after three months solved the problem.  Now I'm four weeks into an ileostomy. Praying it doesn't happen again.  I do pass mucous every 3-4 days so far.  Supposed to get reversed again in March 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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G-Day PatriciaSz,

Which idiot told you it's normal, He has had his butt sewn closed so nothing should be coming out unless there is a hole or a fistula. Regards IGGIE

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iggie..i think patricia is replying to the original poster..not me.

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Thanks Mate