How to sleep with a cat (part 2)


So awhile back I had asked folks how to sleep with a cat. 😸 My daughter's kitten came to live with me shortly after getting my ostomy. I noticed she likes to use her claws to knead things before settling down. And that could be my tummy! So I never let her sleep with me. My dog sleeps with me and never bothers my pouch. Anywho I was feeling guilty not letting the kitty sleep with us. My sister and I brainstormed how I could cover up my pouch at night.... hmmm it needs to be something on the soft side, flexible, etc... maybe cut a hot water bottle in half. 🤔 

What I ended up finding were silicone cake pans the perfect size! I poked holes on the sides and put elastic thru them so all I have to do is slip it on at night and I can relax knowing my pouch is protected while kitty sleeps with me. 😻

We Ostomates are a creative bunch! 😅


Hope the kitty doesn’t think that’s her dinner bowl. 😬😁😳

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or the kitty litter box. 🤪

i was not a fan off sleeping with animals unless they were 5'7".. blond and ...well u get where im going..

but cats and dogs in bed with me never appealed to me.

pre osty or post. 

sooo my answer to the question..topic is a firm.. DON'T.


There are many health benefits to sleeping with your dogs & cats. 💗🐶🐱

"Studies indicate that the frequency of a cat's purr holds therapeutic properties for the human body. More precisely, the vibrations produced by a cat's purr have demonstrated the ability to decrease blood pressure, alleviate stress, and even aid in the process of healing."

"... there are several researched-based reasons why sleeping with your dog can be a healthy and positive experience for both you and your dog. For example, sleeping with your pup has many mental benefits such as an increased feeling of safety and comfort. In a study, people suffering from PTSD found that sleeping with their pet even helped diminish nightmares. 

There are physical benefits, too. Sleeping with your dog releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin in the brain, which promotes theta brainwaves that are associated with REM sleep. This means it’s likely that you’re sleeping deeper when you sleep with your dog. The chemical also mitigates anxiety and stress, which can help you sleep better."

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I will be extra careful on the nights I have fish for supper. 😹

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ron in mich

Hi all my dog slept on the bed with me only one time, i think she got scared when my stomach started gurgling and making all kinds of noises that she didnt hear during the course of the day. 

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LOL poor puppy. 😅

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i would run for sure if i heard that noise. too.🤗

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lest not forget the dog farting on you while bedside as the cat looks on thinking..." u aint seen nothing yet mister"😼🙀


You may have helped some other ostomates with your great idea - I am referring to those with “fear of showering” !!! lol. jb

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