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Just want to share that I use an item which has made ostomy pouch maintenance a breeze.  The product is flushable ostomy pouch liners.  Not suitable for septic tanks.  The liner is inserted into the pouch from the top.  When a change is required, simply pull the liner out at the top of the pouch and throw into toilet.  No fuss, no muss.  Full instruction for use comes with the package.


Sorry, more trash for the landfills, no thanks

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Thanks for sharing that information.  😀 


Trying to visualize this.. and you are saying no fuss no muss? 


when you're removing your pouch and you're pulling the liner up through it ... tossing it in the toilet??

did I miss something or does it come out from the bottom of the tail end of the bag??

that would make a lot more sense but then how does it get connected on top?? 

 puzzled  .....

Alex... bring out the Crayons  draw me some pictures ...thanks

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They don't go into the landfills.

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  1. The following instructions apply to my ostomy skin barrier and ostomy pouch appliances of which I don't think I am allowed to name the brand.  Insert the liner bag into the ostomy bag/pouch through the hole at the top of the pouch..  My hand is small enough to fit the liner into the hole.  You may need to use the handle of a spoon or such if your hand is too big. 
  2. Once inserted, you leave out/pull out about one inch of the top of the liner bag folding it back around the circumference of the pouch hole and then attach the pouch/liner to the the skin barrier.  **Before attaching to skin barrier, instructions are to blow into the liner bag to spread it out within the pouch. 
  3. When the liner needs to be disposed of, disconnect the pouch and carefully gather the inch of liner which is around the circumference of the pouch hole, pull it out through the ostomy pouch hole and throw in toilet.  No fuss, no muss/mess.  Insert a new liner and repeat the process.
  4. Hope these instructions are easy to understand.  If not, get back to me.


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Thanks lyndaj, I might give them a try. 🙂

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Where do they go? Hopefully not into the sewer system which in turn goes into a filtration system and into the waterways wherever you live. And unless they are biodegradable, they get fished out at some point and thrown into the trash. That’s why they are not recommended for septic tanks, they can clog them up. How many do you use on a typical day?

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Would be just as easy to rince your bag or put on a new one but that's my opinion 😘


I reckon the time it takes to disconnect the bag from the base plate remove the dispensable and get a new one, your stoma as been spewing out and not into the bag,. Could be very messy. And why are you not allowed to name the brand, nothing in this game is top secret. Regards IGGIE

Mysterious Mose

Thanks for sharing. But, it's more waste that has to be removed and discarded, unless they are completely biodegradable as Alex says Plus, it sounds like something that just makes the whole process more tedious, time consuming, and expensive. Particularly for ileostomies. I couldn't imagine doing that for the 4-6 times I have to empty my bag every day. And definitely not the 9-11 times it was pre-Immodium. Maybe better suited for colostomies, if anything.



Yeah , I'm really not sure if this process will be a breeze for some people.. but it was nice of you to share your experience with using the liners.. I just don't think it'll work for me..

it is always good to post these experiences. never be shy about it.

there will be pros and cons depending the individual.

thank you.👍

Audrey Warren

These liners require a two piece pouch.

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If it makes the persons life easier, so be it. I was thinking that too about the actual bag until my friend was like it’s a medical necessity. Yes, I know the liner is not, but if it’s easier on the mind for the person if it’s easier on their daily routine for the individual, that’s what counts.

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