Weird but fun 😝


Weird but fun question …ready?…go!

Have you named your ostomy? 
I named mine Frankie :)


I don't think I can say on here what I call mine .    😈😁

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Mysterious Mose

This comes up a lot here. Some people seem to have a need to name their appliances. I understand why they do. But for me, it seems a bit like a normal person naming their rectum. I think that naming my bag enforces the feeling it is something other rather than a normal part of who I am. The less dualism the better, I say. :-)



Helow, this be Herb, Beachboys stoma.  Dat dude didn't name mee... I named him!  I thoughts 'bout callin him "chump change" or "Dufus."  Butt thay just didn't fit.  Mayba i'll rename em "sandhoggie" or "Ole Saltie."

Dat dude just don't treats mee right.  Always coverin me up wit a baggie.  What am I... a leper?  Maybe I shows him whoose in charge.... giv em a biggie blast of redirected ass gas.  That'll teach em.

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Absolutely not, don’t see the point in naming it. 


And speaking of points.. Jennifer Aniston comes to mind..😍( only the guys will get that )🤔

what if you were to name  yur boobs ??🤔

same idea right? 

  and if they had no nipples they'd  be pointless...😉🤪


I haven’t named mine yet but my wife’s cousin calls it NBH — new butthole ….lol


Nope I have not named mine.  I understand some people like to but to me it’s just a body part and I haven’t named any of the others.

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FBH...u mean front butt hole..

it has been accepted by the academy of new terms by MAO..


Morning glory

No, never considered it. I don't  name my moles either. It's  fine for some people but not me


Rose Bud 🌹

I really didn't name mine, but once I actually took a good look at it...since it's pretty small and the shape at 1st wasn't as round as it became later on after really healing it looked like a small Rose Bud🌹(of course it is where I got my profile name from)...but I've never really called it anything but my front butt 🤣

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Sure have .... That f*****g thing down there ..


My Stoma is my best mate and yes I call him Jonah the Stoma, we are both having a Whale of a time, He spurts too. Thar she Blows. Regards IGGIE


I named my Louise...not sure where that came from, but one day when I was changing my appliance and Louise just started her spew of conversation...Just shouted out "Oh Louise" and it has stuck...Plus when you're out with friends and your stoma starts giving u some trouble you can always excuse yourself and say "I need to go and check on Louise" lol


I asked this question a while back and got a mix  of answers. Some good/funny names. Some people just don't seem to want to have the fun of naming theirs which is fine. But I named both of mine. My first one I called "Wormy" because I thought calling him a penis was just wrong. But that is what he looked like. Stuck out of my stomach. My relocation and new stoma I named Marvin. That is after Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes). I thought he looked like a martian coming out of my stomach when I looked at him at first because he was totally different from my first stoma. My Ostomy nurse kept saying he is a beautiful rose. Now he is Marvin Rose. And some days "Marvelous Marvin" Now I just make jokes about him, like "Why did Marvin win the vote?" "He was very poopular!"


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I'm gonna call Ahab.  Send the whalin' crew down under....😉


dont forget to bring the chip ahoy cookies. mans gotta eat. 


I'm currently reading Moby Dick.  Read it years ago.  One of my favorites.  Any boss at work who is unreasonable gets tagged as "Ahab."   I also work with an engineer named Ishmael.  

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OMG I love it! Your sense of humor is great!

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