Jeans for female


I’ve had an Ileostomy for a year and a half.  I miss wearing jeans as I cannot find ones that are not too tight in the waist and/or baggy in the legs.  I’m not looking for skin tight legs but not super loose either.  Does anyone have any recommendations? 


Have you tried the low rise no panel maternity jeans with the inner adjustable waistband? Are jeggings tighter than you want? 

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I will look for the maternity pants with the adjustable strap.  I did try on a few with no straps but they didn’t fit great - didn’t know the straps existed.  I have a ton of leggings but would like to wear jeans as well.  I think the jeggings would be too tight of a look for me.  Thank you for the maternity suggestion!  


Try thrift stores, if they don't work out, you are not spending a ton of money. Scrub pants work for me and White Stag jeans. 


Overhauls from Walmart

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Artsy Lady

Hi! I have had my colostomy for 7 years. Levi's have always been my jeans and ⁵ still work for me. 505's have a waist band that sits just below the waist and just above my ostomy. They are straight leg, so not tight on the leg. I've also found underwear that has a wide spandex band that helps hold the bag firmly against my body. I have a hernia and it helps hold it in. I can wear skinny jeans for special occasions but they aren't as comfortable. 

On another note, I was not properly warned about hernias and now have a large one that is hell on my self esteem.

So, make sure you do everything you can to avoid getting one. 


Carol N
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On February 12, I will celebrate 3 years of having my urostomy due to bladder cancer.  When I wear jeans, I usually wear the maternity, under the belly ones.  If they're loose around the waist, I use those elastic belt-like things that snap onto the belt loops. I also have a couple pair of elastic panel maternity jeans, but if I wear them, I have to roll the waist down and use a large pin at the side to keep it from unrolling.

For most of my pants, I love All-In-Motion High waisted joggers.  Very comfy and they come up above my bag. For underwear, I absolutely swear by Woxers, with 9" long legs.  The waist band comes just under my Convatec wafer. I must have tried 30 different types of underwear over the past 3 years. Many hit right on my stoma, others were just plain uncomfortable.  Most days now I don't even know I have this thing attached to my belly. It's just become a part of me.


I'm just a mere short male with little sowing experience, but when I got married, I put on a few extra kilos and found it hard to get some jeans that fit the waist and not drag one meter under my ankles.

I bought some jeans patterns and a few meters of stretch demin and before long I was churning out jeans for the family.


Any jeans with a high waist no zipper or button. I wear Rachel’s or cabelas. They both are great. I’ve been wearing them for years now.   Got them at Marshall’s  tjmaxx less than $20.  Cabelas can be ordered online  if there is no store local. Around $35.  A cheaper pair at Walmart $13.  They are comfortable and stretch at the waist.  I’ve just started wearing zipper jeans a little and I find the ones that are stretchy at the waist are ok too but the others work best and they are true jeans!! With stretch!! 

Tangleloft 06

Hi boy mom, I have had an ileostomy since 2013, and wear ll bean, and fit well. I was never a jean girl, but wear them more now than when I was younger. The old 1912 jeans bean had where the best. Now they joined them with there bean flex, which gives a little more stretch. Good luck



I've had an ileostomy for over 40 years and have had really good luck with Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans. 

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I wear Levi's too!!! I wear the high rise wedgie jean.... only the 100% cotton as I've found anything with a spandex blend contributes to pancaking/leaks.  I have short bowel syndrome and a high output ileostomy and I also wear my white Levi's wedgie jeans and 100% cotton Levi's high waisted 501 shorts in summer ☀️ 😉 


I've had an ostomy for 53 years and I wear elastic waist jeans.  I find it comfortable and don't have to worry with regular jeans that I may have a leak because of the button and zipper. 


I also had an ileostomy a little over a year ago. I got rid of my low-rise jeans and now wear mostly high-rise “jeggings”; the waistline is just above my stoma. They are snuggish, but that doesn’t affect my pouch. Under them I wear high waist panties with a pocket for the pouch from Ostomysecret. I thought I would need to wear bigger, baggier pants, but that isn’t the case. 


My bag is above belly button so the only choice I've been able to do is maternity jeans


I find jeggings to be slim legs but not tight around the waist. I could wear a large, but the extra large keep the waist less tight but the legs slim.


Try some "pull-on" type. I got mine from Van Heusen but they appear to only sell online and just men's. I love those pants. No snaps, seams or pressure. I'm sure you can find something like it.



I have an ileostomy and I wear Lee's Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans. They aren't too tight or loose.  I wear my pouch sideways instead of hanging down.


Hi, I am a male but I have had my illeostomy since 1986.  You might want to try WRANGLER RELAXED FIT.  It has a band that moves comfortably, and for me it sits well above my waist band,( No it does not make you look like Erkle!). I know they are not “ cut” like female jeans but they might be want you want.


I've been really happy with Old Navy's mid-rise jeans. I believe mine are called straight leg. They are slim but not tight. They do have a variety of mid-rise styles, from wide to super skinny. (I have them in both a light and dark denim, but found that the same size does not fit quite the same in the different fabrics.) Good luck! The right jeans are a must, and I hope you find something that works for you!


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Judy Blue Jeans have also worked for me. They're super stretchy and come in a variety of washes and colors. 


Try these:

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I also wear Ripe brand maternity jeans, and they work well for my colostomy. Two small elastic sections on either side of the zip fly! I just don’t tuck them in! I have black cotton casual pants too! Different leg styles available as well.  




I bought jeggings type jeans from Walmart and they even have different colors. They are made from stretchy Jean like material and way thicker than regular leggings. They fit tight enough to hold things together as well. It's a great option for us for the Jean look but with a nice tight feel. The price is good too.i do believe it was either no boundaries or time and true but Walmart for sure.


I were jeans for pregnant women.  Very comfortable.  Walmart has the best price- or try Ross or Goodwill.