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Hi all! It’s been a while since I have checked in. It’s been a bit crazy for me since Christmas Eve. My father has been in and out of the hospital since then, thankfully he is finally home, A couple of times I wasn’t sure he was going to pull through, but he amazes me with his will and his strength. He is the reason I was able to push through and come to terms with my colostomy rather quickly. Married 60 years when my mother passed away 5 years ago his whole world shattered. He has shown me how to navigate through grief and persevere despite feeling totally helpless and lost.

Grief is a big part of the healing process when we are faced with this new world of having a colostomy.  Acknowledging that and letting myself feel it and go through the stages was what helped me realize even though I had lost a part of me, life does indeed go on. For that I am ever grateful.  I was angry, confused, hurt, depressed, and hopeless. However, thinking of all that my father has endured these past 5 years, pushed me to grieve, but then move on.  This group was also a big part of the healing process for me, the kindness, advice and openness helped so much. Thank you!

As for me now, I am happy to say that I am feeling great, hoping to get back to the gym next week, and I am eating anything I want. So far nothing has given me problems to the point of discomfort. Some things cause rather interesting odors, ha, but I’m used to that now. I am living my life basically how I was prior to having the surgery, I am just not in pain all day long, and that is the best of all.

I do see my surgeon at the end of February to discuss a reversal. I have mixed feelings and I am definitely going to get a second opinion, but that is a while away, So for now, I am just happy to say I’m doing well, life is good, and Spring is coming!! Yahoo.


Well said, Nini, all of it. It's incredible how much we strength we derive from seeing how others pull through. I'm glad your dad is home, I'm sure he is happy to be home, too. Regarding your February appointment, ask as many questions as you can. Ask about success rate and ask the doc to define "success" and if that definition is ok with you. What was the reason for your stoma? This affects reversal success. Read accounts of people on here. It's such a difficult decision because we just don't know how it's truly going to be after reversal. Ask away!

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Thank you!! I have a list of questions and appreciate the feedback.  My colostomy came to be after a severe diverticulitis flare up, with a perforated colon and infection. Lower infection was removed and colostomy was born. I've read both good and bad stories of reversal, and that is why I am definitely getting a second opinion. My original surgeon is a general surgeon, and the second opinion will be from a gasto specialist.   

The biggest concern I have is my age, healing, and as you said,  what defines succes?  I will definitely be asking questions. 

Appreciate your kindness and help.



Morning glory

Hi Nini4 glad you're  back and doing so well. I am so happy you have had your wonderful  Father to get you through the healing process.  I do hope his health will improve. Eating and enjoying  foods again is great as well as getting your body in shape. Don't  be a stranger. I am sure you're  going to make an educated  decision  as to a reversal.

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Thank you! Yes, with the  cold,weary, dreary winter sky of the Midwest, my appetite for comfort food has sure increased, so the gym is definitely a must😊

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Glad to hear you're well and getting better.  I think "defining success" is a valuable point.  Seems reversal is a 2 part process. 

  1. Surgery.  Then waiting to see if  complications arise, like infection or leakage.  If not.. yaaaa.
  2. Your quality of life after recovery.  Will your digestive system revert to normal....Yahoo!   Somewhat normal....OK.    Or,  hours each day are spent sitting on the toliet?  If so... Boooooo.

Take care


Sounds like we had a similar illness. Abcesss on diverticulitis punctured colon, got blood infection and began losing weight fast. I saw the surgeon a few weeks ago and talked about my concerns about reversal surgery. He said since most of my colon is left, he doesn't think I'll have a hard time. Surgery is scheduled to be done lapriscopically, if that's the correct word. Anyway, I'm 71 and I live into my 80s, that's a lot of mess to deal with. You are much younger and if you have most of your colon left that would be a plus. Still no easy decision. God bless you.

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Thank you. I will send prayers for a successful surgery!!

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