Stool softener


Is stool softener safe to use with an ileostomy? I've cut back on Imodium since yesterday due to constipation and issues passing gas (gas x has helped) and wondered if stool softener would help thicken output. 

Morning glory

If you want to thin out your stool,; I would try prune juice , coffee ect. A stood softener "softens" the poop. If you have been constipated  you definitely  need to stop with the imodium.

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I'm not quite sure I can help.other than  to be careful of those stool softeners and the hardeners .. usually with an ileo to have high liquid output so you're taking something to bulk up and apparently that causes a problem now you want to take something to loosen it or soften it ..

so I don't know how to respond to something like that  having no issue myself ...

I think you should speak to a more qualified person.. you will get people here who are obviously going through the same thing you are and they will give you the pros and cons ...I simply cannot do that..sit tight tho...

I'm sorry I can't help you but to be careful when you're taking supplements like that..  and also if you eat properly..hydrate... you should not have too much of a problem.. but I understand you've had issues with blockage so there is that concern as well.. 

Mysterious Mose

How much loperamide were you using. Personally, I found that 2 mg twice a day was too much for me. 2 mg with breakfast seems to be doing what I "need". With loperamide, starting with low doses is the best way, imo.

If too thick right now, the stool softener may help. But I would turn to liquids such as what Morning glory recommends. It won't take long for your ship to right itself and you can try again.



I have been taking 8mg of Imodium daily and doing fine (2 pills in morning and 1 noon and 1 evening). My output is thinner now since I've cut down on Imodium (only had 2mg since issues started yesterday). Output is actually more than usual now (likely because less Imodium) but stomach not 100% as if there is a gas build up or something. I'm wondering if it was caused by some bad food from a restaurant on Thursday night (though I didn't feel any issues till after breakfast Friday). My appetite has been ok today. I know it's not a blockage but it's just different than I have felt with this ileostomy (only had 2 months). However, I often felt similarly before having an ostomy and gas x and/or stool softener would help. Thank you everyone for your ideas. 

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Hi there with an Ileostomy we don't take stool softeners or laxatives.. to thin it out you have to find what works best for you. Could be juice, could be some type of sugar could be coffee , we are all different in that aspect. There is something different that will thin each of us ileostomys out, as well as what thickens us up. You just have to find what yours is. mine is apple juice and frosting and Gatorade. Sometimes you have to go on an all liquid diet 

Reply to Beth22

I swear by black tea to thin it and rice, mash potatoes and my new favorite boild plantains to thicken and always a good sea salt, get your salt in particularly when trying to thin output. Pure leaf unsweetened black tea works for me to thin it But I’m usually so focused on thickening it it’s strange to me that you would want to thin it with an ileostomy. I’m almost curious to know what you were eating to make it so thick?

Reply to JVM261

Hi there I always run thick .. I have the complete opposite of what others have ..and it doesn't matter what I eat or how much liquid I have .. I have always ran thick since day one just how my body is .. I purposefully stay away from bread .. and everything that they say will thin you lol doesn't touch me .. I find ways and know what to stay away from ... I am not written in the ostomy book lol 

Reply to Beth22

Wow, I am jealous. LOL.  For me, the thinner it is the more leaks and risk of acid burn. 


While I appreciate everyone's zeal in offering their ideas, I do want to point out that I was trying to make my output THICKER and not thinner. :)

Either way, having switched up the amount of Imodium (since no constipation today) with some gas x today, my appetite has been baseline and the past couple of hours my stomach has felt normal.

Reply to JVM261

Being thick too it happens the same with burning .. I have to manually push it off from around my stoma .. but I know where you are coming from and saying with the liquid .there's one spot during the day where my stomach pushes out all liquid and then thick comes after .. I have gastroparesis as well so the liquid comes out before any food .. so I have to time drinking  my liquids carefully 

Reply to Ever_Endeavor

I do really apologize from reading it sounded like you were trying to thin it . Have you found foods that work for you ? Breads,  or potatoes? Peanut butter 


If you are taking Imodium and constipated cutting back on Imodium is an excellent thing to do.  You should be able to take a stool softener but the best stool softener is drinking more fluids.  That is the fastest way to get softer stools.  BE careful with metamucil and colace should be no problem.  Another suggestion is messaging crappycolondiaries from Ohio who might be able to give you some suggestions.  

Reply to Beth22

You're fine :)

I've been finding foods that seem to work fine but still dependent on Imodium, at least for now. Smaller meals and really chewing food has helped. Hopefully I just had a random bad 1-2 days (since I wasn't doing anything differently).