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Does anyone know where I can donate all my medical supplies? I had a reversal last July and I know how important these supplies are ( boxes of bags, tapes, sprays, paste, ect) are when you have an ostomy. 

w30bob could try listing them on here and other ostomy sites........and you'd still be stuck with a lot of stuff for a long time.......or you could contact an ostomy nurse nearby and give them all to her.  Most cities have free ostomy clinics where you can go and chat with other ostomates and get supplies to try, etc, and they'd want them. Your local hospital should have a montly newsletter that lists all the support groups in your area, when and where they meet, etc, and there's usually an ostomate support group included.  A quick call to your local hospital will get you that info. can sell them on eBay and split it with me!


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"Kindred Box is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States. We distribute donated ostomy supplies to support the care of uninsured and underinsured ostomates in America struggling with financial hardship."


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How wonderful I’ve been looking for an organization like this, and I couldn’t find anything. Thank you so much for posting. I offered some Supplies on here, but nobody wanted them. 

eefyjig is another donation site.

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