longest appliance wear time?


Sup peeps?  Curious the longest amount of time you've gone without needing an appliance change.

I saw someone went 8 days?

My limit was 5 days. Would be pushing it for 7..

However, I have gone 14 days due to mobility issues.. and other abnormal circumstances.

What your limit?



I can only go at most 2 days. Anything after that smells like a sewer to me. If i shower its definarly going to loosen up. I've tried almost all bags out there although this could be caused by rinsing  at every empty and or that after mesh surgery my stoma went flat. I am in convexity but that can only go so far. 

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 @ hisbiscus :  thank you for sharing. thats rough...

have u considered a relocation surgery  to extend the stoma further out?  i hear horror stories of flat stomas...such a raw deal.

i blame doctors lack of experience causing this.

ruins quality of life. gotta be an alternative..

( moments later)......

i just saw yur hernia repair caused this flat stoma..read in a separate thread you replied to.

hernias suck. repairs usually cause more issues. i declined having mine done when getting kenn surgery last year..

a member said he had to retire due to weight lifting limitations.

due to hernia repair.  no thank you. 



I'm around 7 days now but have gone as long as 3 weeks (until the Skin-Tac adhesive dissolves because of skin oils). I only use Leukotape on wafer borders and Skin-Tac adhesive on skin. Blow dry that until lightly tacky and voila.  If peristomal skin is healthy 3 weeks is achievable. 

Mysterious Mose

I usually try to get 7 days. But if I detect any darkness outside the flange area, I will do a change as soon as I know I've entered a slow period.

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Ive gone 7 or 8 but that was when I was still on a medical leave and not doing much. 4 days is about right for me. 


I use Hollister 2 piece with a Salts ring and get 10+ days with Brava strips.


I'm usually a 3-4 day man as my skin gets irritated if any longer but when I've been ill I've done around 14 days maybe a few more just standard drainable 1 piece bags various makes over the years I've never used any of those banana strips or tape around base  


My usual is seven days, but I have occasionally pushed it to eight with no problem.  Maybe I could go longer, but I'm a little nervous to try, so stay on the safe side.



In the beginning I was 3 days tops.  Now am finding that I am looking pretty good at 4 days.  That said; I do not want to chance a leak so change after 4 days.  I use the holister 8901 bags, also use barrier rings.  Those barrier rings really help things stay adhered to my crinkly belly.


In the first few years I could get away with changing once a week (ileo) but as I've got older and heading into the old crone era, my skin has gone through the "change" too (TMI?!) and the most I get now is 4-5 days, which is fine because I remember many years ago my stoma nurse telling me that's how long the appliances are designed to last.  Can depend on what and how much I've eaten too, but every 4 days is usually the norm.

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Damn..... Good info to know.  Especially if insurance or Medicare limits your monthly Ostomy supplies.  



I usually go 7 days.  Have pushed it to 9.  Could probably go longer if needed.  I use Hollister 2 piece for my colostomy. 

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Well the doctor was actually a good doctor. I was in a study. I had 2 parastomal hernias and an umbilical hernia that was already there from years prior. He told me going into it he would relocate possibly but had to decide once he got in there. Yes after surgery it went flat and I actually cried. I do not think unless I ever have to have am emergency surgery that they will relocate. I was told to never leave cleveland and to only go to thier hospital because the repair they did no one will understand what to do. It was a huge open surgery. I was happy with the flat tummy just not the flat stoma. 

I have a 25lb weight-lifting restriction so it's  hard to find work. Care taking is an option as long as they can walk and I don't have to lift them. I'm ready to cut down hours soon myself when i find something. At the moment not working due to chemicals on the job. They were really  getting to me. 


High output Illeostomy for last 14 months and always get 6-9 days since getting appliance fit right. Normally try to change at day 6, but these days, Stoma seems to be constantly active so, providing no leaks, I either postpone or withhold food until it stops then change. Being a hairy male, it's not fun after day 7 as hairs around the stoma grow into the seal, and no amount of adhesive remover helps with the "wax job".

ron in mich

Hi all 4 days tops as my ileo is so active.


Lots of variation!  5 to 7 days is normal for me.


I shoot for 7 days so I can change on the weekend.  Doesn't always work- usually get about 5-6 days.  Great topic.  I've always wondered if I was being lazy for pushing it to a week instead of changing more often, but it looks like most folks like to get the longest wear possible.