Hi am 75 and 3 months post ileostomy surgery.  I also have a mucus fistula. I was in hospital for 6 weeks prior to my op as was very ill having had a bowel perforation, and they wanted to build me up before the op. 

I am still so very tired. I am getting out a little, walking, driving a short distance having friends over for an afternoon and even been out for brunch with friends a few times as can eat scramble egg on toast!!!

I really have to pace myself only doing one thing a day and am very happy to return to bed.  I don't think  am dehydrated, as i am drinking two electrolyte drinks a day. Most people say it is early days and i am doing well. I know i am hard on myself, as the mind is willing but the body is weak. I feel i am in a continuous brain fog!!!! Any suggestions or comments will be gratefully received.  Had all my bloods checked about 6 weeks ago and all was fine. Gp put me on folic acid.

Any suggestions or comments will be gratefully received.



Good morning!

it took me a solid 5.5 months until I was back to my “normal” energy levels after my colostomy placement and I too had a very prolonged period of illness before that.  If all your bloodwork has come back and looks good, it could just be that you need to give yourself time to finish healing.  Rest when you’re tired, eat well, drink plenty of fluids and be gentle with yourself.  We all heal at different rates and your body has been through a lot.  Not to mention, I think it takes us a little longer to bounce back after we’re North of 50 years old.

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Hi Lee, I'm 3 months on after my colostomy,and also still have a fistula the other side of my main muscle,had 10 operations trying to drain it, abscess kept on brewing, and daily trips to get packed, I've got an open lay,at the moment,end of the day a fistula is full of poison,I also hit a brick wall about 3 o'clock, and need an hour's sleep,I think it's all about time, stay strong mate 💪

Morning glory

Hi, you're  doing well Lee for being 3 months out. It takes awhile  for our bodies to heal. You had an awfully  lot going on before your surgery; then your surgery  in itself. I am glad to read that you are socially  involved. If all your tests came out good just give yourself  grace to heal properly.  


an overlooked item when having blood work done is having vitamins checked.

you were put on folic acid. what abt magnesium? b12?  there are a number of vitamins we lose and no one ever gets those levels checked.  always keep fluids up.

you have to be your own advocate and ASK..or..TELL THEM you want this test done. 

Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

After major surgery only it takes the body two years to get back to prior full fitness and that's what we all need to realise. We all want to go back to how we were which is great but the body knows the score and will tell you when you are doing too much. I'm a firm believer in the saying Rome wasn't built in a day. Take the power naps as and when and keep the pace you can manage. XX 

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2 years! 🙀

Well, that just gives us something to look forward to!  Took my puppy to the park yesterday, for the first time, didn't need a 2 hour nap after. 

We are looking forward to getting back to two walks a day at the park. 



Your body has been through hell takes time to heal you was very ill before surgery that took a lot out on your body in itself before even having surgery. I'm just guessing that you had sepsis and possibly peritonitis with your perforated bowel? just those 2 take time to get over, you should start to get more energy over the next few months but agree with Caz67 around 2 years for a full recovery I'm not being rude about age but that comes into it and can take longer for body to heal.....B12 an other defiance's don't always show up at first it can take a few years before they show up in blood tests.

I think your doing very well for so soon after everything you have been through.  Well done keep on fighting you will get your fitness levels back to do everything you want again.   

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You are all so kind and supportive thank you so much. 

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I was told that by my doctors also. 👍 of course, I’m a dumb guy and told them to tape me up and get me back in the game. 🙄 That took about 9 months. 😁🤷‍♂️


I'm guessing you were pretty active before all the medical stuff if you're wanting to do all that you ARE doing only 6 weeks post op-especially after being so sick before the surgery.  Accept the time to rest, no guilt.  Your body has been through a lot and like Caz said it takes a good 2 years after surgeries to comeback and every year older we are doesn't seem to help the healing process for some reason 😁   When my one Dr wanted to start me on immunotherapy last year and I found it was a type of chemo I wasn't thrilled and pushed back, but he said we'd already lost my colon and it was his job to prevent more damage now...so I'm living in the land of fatigue and nausea and it's kicking my butt.  He did double my folic acid to help with fatigue and nausea and other side effects the medication can have.  The folic acid really does help the fatigue (&nausea for me). I notice a difference within hours if I forget to take it.  Not sure how much sunshine you get where you're at?  Where I'm at in Ohio my Dr has me taking prescription Vit D October-March.  Warrior mentioned the vitamins...another test that is often done separately are the iron levels.  I give myself Vit B injections once a month (I do better absorbing injections/infusions vs it going through my digestive system).  All these are maintenance/boost suggestions.... you're walking, staying hydrated, sounds like you're getting some good protein, seeing friends.  Honestly, I'm starting to love naps and don't think I'll want to give them up, maybe that rest isn't so evil after all 😉


Hi Lee,  From everything you have told us, I would say you are doing amazingly well!  You just need to manage your expectations a little and I totally understand and empathize.  You spent a long time in hospital and your body has been through a lot.  Just being in hospital itself, the inactivity, muscle loss, etc., can drain you, let alone the trauma of surgery.  It's also a sad fact that it takes us longer to heal and bounce back when we are older.  I am 72, so I know of what I speak!  You might never get completely back to where you were, in terms of strength and/or endurance, or energy level, but that is OK.  I'm not where I was three years ago before my ordeal started either, but I'm back to an acceptable level and I feel strong and have good energy.  It does take time, as others have said, so give yourself a break and just keeping doing what you are doing.  It's early days.  You'll get there.  Meanwhile, welcome to the site!  Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have or share anything you are going through.  We have all been there.




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Caz....so when you accidentally have 3 surgeries in a year...do you think it's a literal 2 years for every surgery or since it all happened in 1 year then maybe all those surgeries could be lumped into a 2 year bracket?  Maybe?  😁

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Every major surgery takes two years and if you have further in the same year it will take more time but not the two yrs for each. The phase I mentioned earlier is a book about your body and trauma and how it keeps the score. Xx

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Caz, I have that book…along with about 7 others half finished right now 🫣

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Yeah, I know - patience isn't my strong suite either!

But it is true on a physiological level two years is a good yardstck.


celluar level activity needs to run at its own pace ......

BUT .......

One CAN VISUALISAE the cellular response to try and implement and support our natural processes!


You - 66 me 69 phisical age .... but then, SOME of us have been through so much more physically and thus our biological age may be grreater!!


K9 are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good for us though!


[try diving 66 by 7 hey ....... and your are taking a PUPPY for a walk [I presume - or is Rocket leading you hey? ..... only friendly banter .... but everything is relative - we are all different.




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Lol, Jayne, my tiny, baby, precious puppy, leads me on all of our adventures!!!!

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Jodie right on here - Biologicals and chemo do remain in our energy bodies for rather a long time - chemo drugs are particulalry pernicious ......

You are such a sharing caring person Jodie - DO REMEMEBER t o TAKE REST AND CARE FOR YOURSELF!

Bless you biggly



Reply to TerryLT


You are wise - as well as caring.

This age thing - You are sooo right - YEt me, I will always think of myself as thiurty-something - no matter what, yet in   " reallity " I can sometimes by 116 and counting [birth age 69 - but this alone is not a statistic - for our biological age again varies according to our medical history - not to mention our emotional / spiritual live/s !

BUt you know Terry, whilst we may not fully regain our bounce back - and I too, know of what I speak in this department - we can still ASPIRE to being AS GOOD A WE CAN BE WITHOUT DROPPING BENEATH OUR BAR - and I do NOT mean by way of falsly held expectation either!


BUt, we ALL need to learn to be a tadge more gentle upon ourselves I suspect ;-))


Thank you for your contributions Terry You inspire me much





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Well, thankyou for your kind words and I would say, right back at ya.  You've made some pretty inspiring posts on this site as well!