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Was wondering if anyone saw the episode of Chicago Med yesterday that had a storyline about a young boy with an ileostomy. This is so rare even in movies so I definitely took notice and they tried to take a good stab at it. For someone who knows very little about ostomies and surgical procedures, it was okay I guess. But medical storylines on these shows are always far from reality anyway. 

Mysterious Mose

I saw a scene in an episode of Brokenwood Mysteries where a nurse did a paraplegic's bag change. They panned away as she removed the bag, but you could catch a glimpse of some suspicious dark material under the bag as the camera panned away. There was even dialogue about the ostomy to the extent that a visitor asked how long the bag would be needed. It was the first time I ever saw an ostomy referenced on television.


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There was an episode on Naked Attraction where one contestant had an ostomy  season 5 episode 5 or close to that.


there was a time:

when people of color, culture, and disabilities were lightly shown in a t.v program or advertisements. 

once taboo, now an attention grabber..

times are changing..

hollywood doesn't see a need to venture high in the idea ostomy 

could sell films. we are still a long time due for it though. glad to see it when they do..

nice change up from the norms.



Actually, an article on here, that lists these people as having Ostomy on TV and famous 
Al Roker
Queen Elizabeth
Matthew Perry
Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower. ...
Jerry Kramer. ...
Marvin Bush. ...
Napoleon Bonaparte. ...
Rolf Benirschke. ...
Thomas P. O’Neill Junior (Tip O’Neill)
Babe Zaharias.
Al Geiberger

Letitia Baldrige

Loretta Young

Ann Sothern

Nancy LaMott





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i think i saw the list. it originated from nurse on here who said she took care of a famous actress or actor with a stoma.

can't recall it 100 %..but some made objections to it.

whether fact or fiction.  

did you ever hear of any of those people listed above actually coming out? saying they had a stoma..??  in live conversations?? 

Al Roker I thought lost weight from that gastric bypass surgery. 

WTF do I know..?? ha ha. just saying..


Damn.... now I know my next gig.... Hollywierd... here I come.  

Imagine.. BeachBoy on the silver screen.  I'm high on a cliff, bag flapin' in the breeze...

Mr. DeMill,  I'm ready for my close up.

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Queen Elizabeth II didn't have one, a common mistake made as it was actually her mother (also named Elizabeth - The Queen Mother) who apparently had a temporary ostomy back in the 1960's - and then it was only a rumour.  The Queen Mum did live until 101 so that's good news for longevity if she did have one.

I know Matthew Perry's was temporary and he was quite vocal about how much he hated having it and he'd rather be dead (may he rest in peace) so that's not the best example.

No idea about the others.  Sometimes a celebrity may joke about having an ostomy and the media picks it up as fact (George Clooney I'm looking at you mate!) 

Personally it's not something I want known to the whole world so can imagine a celebrity in the public eye would definitely not want it advertised. 


I watched a UK TV series "The Accident" a few years ago which was about a gas explosion/collapse of a building onto young teens that were there.  It showed one of the girls with a colostomy and showed a bag change and how unhappy she was about it.  

I remember years ago on Chicago Hope there was an episode of a young woman who had lost all her limbs (!) in an accident and was horrified to learn she would have to wear an ostomy bag.  I think a few members on here had their knickers in a twist about it, but honestly I think most people in real life would have the same reaction, and it was a TV show, which for anyone who has worked in a hospital knows, they are not based in reality.


BeachBoy is smiling wide,

The camera gets closer for that all important close up.

BeachBoy is impatient... he wants that "money shot" NOW.

He edges closer to the cliffs edge... stumbles, and falls.. 

Oh my... a falling star !

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As long as you're ready for your close up! 🎥🎬🍿📽️🎞️

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Add Red  Skeleton to the list.


There’s a series on Netflix right now, the Tourist, that has a character with a urostomy and he shows his bag a couple times. Not sure if it’s real or not. 


There's never been any proof presented to validate the idea that Napoleon had an ostomy.  Many have speculated that he did, but his autopsy made no mention of it, despite him having a number of issues with his bowels, stomach, gallbladder, etc.  He also received enemas daily at the end of his life, and I'm sure someone would have mentioned his ostomy if he had one.  But it makes good ad copy, I guess.  Of course if he did have an ostomy........his ostomy bag would have been a goat's stomach tied to his stoma with a string.  Makes you appreciate Hollister, Coloplast and Convatec, eh?



Who said Napoleon and opened the door for Bob to talk about that guy again? 😜


I watched a documentary years ago called “Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl.” It was available on Prime and is about a girl dealing with a short gut syndrome/attempted bowel transplant. If I remember correctly…it’s been a few years. I haven’t watched the movie White Boy Rick, but Dr. Google says it “shows scenes of a person living with an ostomy.” 🤔

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Yep that seems way too high for pouch itch!


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White boy Rick the drug dealer guy? 

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I was just going to mention The Tourist!



Very cool.

Someone should tell Hollywood to make a tv series about ostomates. We can call it "Hidden Bags" and all be stars or supporting actors,

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i doubt hollywood would attempt anything like that.

no money.no profit..they would show just enough of an actor- osty to keep things "real"..

unless..an osty robbed a bank? went on a killing spree? leaving used bags as a signature? hmm🤔.. yea that's an idea..

gives new meaning to bag man.

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Osty porno... the mini series.

First episode:  Is that a stoma under your shirt?  Or ya just glad to see me BB ?

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A flailing star….wait what is that a comet trailing?

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thoughts of a double barrel arise to the occasion. 🍆🍆🤔


The UK medical dramas Holby City and Casualty have both featured ostomies.

A surgeon character in Holby City (Dom) was in an accident and needed a temporary stoma - the show portrayed his difficulty in coping with it, but was careful to balance that with a patient on the ward who was happy and upbeat about living with one.

Both these shows have medical consultants, and Crohns has been featured in plotlines too.

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Marvin Bush came out in the CCF newsletter sometime in the 90s. 

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Ew that sounds very fetishized.

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Well....... it be the very rare, brown comet tail.   Like I always say:  "gravity works."

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Maybe,  a nicely aged double barrel scotch, on the rocks.  Shaken, not stirred.  With a lemon twist.

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rumor was marvin got tired..

of.....uh-ho...🎵🎵push push in dah bush🎶🎵 he couldn't get down🎵

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