When to Order a StealthBelt After Ileostomy?

Pouch Potato
May 01, 2024 4:43 am

I'm 11 weeks in for my permanent ileostomy. I'm wanting to order a StealthBelt, but I know I have to wait until my stoma has stopped changing size. It's been the same size for my past several bag changes. How will I know when I've given it enough time to be confident of the size for the belt and to order pre-cut flanges?

May 01, 2024 5:38 am

The belt has really nothing to do with your stoma size; it's about the size of the wafer bag diameter, so it fits around the back of your bag just right, ensuring it stays on correctly.

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May 01, 2024 6:09 am

So where you could run into trouble is if you're using the smallest barrier and you're cutting the hole for your stoma as big as the barrier allows. If your stoma gets any larger in diameter, you'll then have to move up to the next biggest size barrier, which has a larger flange for the bag to attach to. So if the barrier you're using now has room for you to cut a slightly bigger hole for your stoma to go through... you can order your belt. If you're right at the limit of the barrier and can't cut the hole any bigger... move up to the next biggest barrier and order your belt to fit that one. You can always cut your hole smaller, but not always bigger, so give yourself some room to grow.


May 05, 2024 10:39 am
Reply to AlexT

Winner answer. True dat.