Experience with Securpress for Stoma Care?

Mysterious Mose
May 04, 2024 11:34 pm

Anyone have experience with one of these? I really don't have any issues getting a tight seal, but it gets a bit boring going around and around the stoma with a gloved finger. 🤓

May 04, 2024 11:52 pm

I've seen those online. I also wonder how they work out. Some others have used a toilet paper roll.

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May 05, 2024 1:34 am

I use the StomaGenie with every wafer change. It gives me a hassle-free way to clean around my stoma without worrying about stool coming out. I have never used the SecurPress because it would not be convenient for me. I use a barrier ring around my stoma and a moldable wafer. The StomaGenie should be at least 1/8" larger than your stoma. To use the SecurPress: (1) while the StomaGenie is over my stoma, I have to slide the barrier ring down to the bottom of the StomaGenie; (2) I have to mold my wafer opening and then slide the wafer down the StomaGenie above the barrier ring; (3) slide the SecurPress down the StomaGenie on top of the wafer and press down; (4) lift the StomaGenie along with the SecurPress off your stoma.

If you have a tape boundary around your wafer, you need to still remove it. Also, the barrier ring is not hugging your stoma since it is probably at least 3/16" away from having to slide down the StomaGenie.

If you aren't using a barrier ring or a moldable barrier, things are a lot simpler. You just place the StomaGenie over the stoma, slide your wafer over the StomaGenie, and slide the SecurPress over the StomaGenie and push the SecurPress down on your skin. You still need to remove the tape boundary from the wafer if you have it. Since the wafer slides down over the StomaGenie, your wafer opening has to be slightly larger.

The SecurPress is designed to work with the StomaGenie, but if you are not concerned with stool collection while you change your wafer, I don't see why you couldn't just use the SecurPress alone to press down on your wafer once you have it attached to your skin.

May 05, 2024 2:03 am

G-Day Daniel, I must be missing something. Is there supposed to be an image of something there? I can't see what you're talking about. IGGIE

May 05, 2024 2:42 am
Reply to IGGIE

I had to Google it too.



How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Mysterious Mose
May 05, 2024 2:22 pm
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Sorry. Had a senior moment...


Not sure why the picture isn't showing up.



Mysterious Mose
May 05, 2024 2:30 pm
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