Minuscule, Hard, Black, Sand-Like Grains in My Stoma Pouch

May 29, 2024 2:35 am

Hello all!

As my title topic says, I have very small, hard, sand-like in size, black round grains or something in my output pouch. I cannot crush them as they are too hard and they could possibly make a hole in my bag if I try to crush them harder. Any ideas as to what this may be? I cannot relate these to any kinds of foods I have eaten. Anyone else experience this?

May 29, 2024 6:55 am

Do you undergo regular cancer recurrence screening? CT or MRI scan, blood work, gynecological?

It's probably something you ate that had indigestible content in it. A CT scan or MRI could help rule out other possibilities.

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May 29, 2024 7:05 am

Hi Gasgirl, I don't have any experience in what you describe, but taking a sample for lab testing might resolve your question. Good luck. ~Keith

May 29, 2024 9:08 am

Hi Gasgirl

It has to be something you have eaten.

Sometimes I see things that I have no idea where they came from ??

I have to ask, why are you trying to crush them?

May 29, 2024 10:40 am

Bananas? Have only recently realized they have very small seeds - I have a smoothie each day with a banana included and

viola, little black seeds in my clear view pouch… jb

Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister
May 29, 2024 11:39 am
Reply to Justbreathe

Bananas have seeds? Really?

Never noticed that. How strange.

The only seeds I see are from watermelon. And yes, they are considered seedless watermelons... but...

Those things end up in the bag even days later.

ron in mich
May 29, 2024 11:53 am

Hi Gasgirl, what about meds that may be time-released and not totally broken down? I have that issue with a pee caplet and end up with tiny white BBs in my pouch.

May 29, 2024 1:40 pm
Reply to warrior

G-Day Warrior, when I was a kid a long time ago, bananas used to have big seeds in them, and over time they have manipulated them to not have seeds anymore. You learn something every day. Regards, Iggie

May 29, 2024 1:45 pm
Reply to IGGIE

Idk Iggie, if I saw a banana with big seeds in it, I'd run.😁

May 29, 2024 1:49 pm

I used to get them periodically when I had my colostomy... was never able to figure it out. Still a mystery!

May 29, 2024 2:44 pm

Something you've eaten or taken not breaking down completely. Empty, add a little warm water, swish it around in your bag, empty again, and go on with life. Why you would try to crush them and risk popping a hole in your bag is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️

May 29, 2024 4:36 pm
Reply to warrior

Seems you might have a new problem… really, you have never noticed the tiny little black seeds in a banana prior to eating one? Might be time to get those eyes checked… possibly a case of rectalitis 😜. JB

May 29, 2024 6:14 pm
Reply to Justbreathe

The banana has the problem. Not me.

I don't examine my... um... 🧐 er... banana... when I have one. 😉

Next time I will. 👍

Perhaps it's a Florida thing? The gator state... 😁

May 29, 2024 7:04 pm
Reply to warrior

Well, alrighty then, the next time you have one, you may want to take a closer look... actually, you should take a closer look at anything you decide to put in your mouth...

May 29, 2024 8:50 pm

My first thought was poppy seeds, but I would think you'd know if you had eaten something with poppy seeds in it. Anyway, it has to be something you ate, but as long as they are coming out without causing you any pain or discomfort, nothing to worry about.


Mysterious Mose
May 29, 2024 11:18 pm
Reply to IGGIE

I wonder what future bananas will look like once the ones we know today finally die out?


Mysterious Mose
May 29, 2024 11:23 pm

Same question as Axl. Why are you trying to crush them? They are not going to pierce your bag on their own.

Also, it is surely from something you have eaten. If they are happy little campers in your bag, then they obviously aren't causing you any issues. I assume you are not experiencing any pain?


May 30, 2024 4:28 am
Reply to Axl

Hi Axl!

I wanted to see if it was some sort of parasitic egg.

May 30, 2024 4:29 am
Reply to Mysterious Mose

No pain. I was trying to see if it was some sort of parasitic egg.

May 30, 2024 4:30 am
Reply to TerryLT

Thanks, Terry!

May 30, 2024 4:34 am
Reply to Beachboy

Thank you, Beachboy!

May 31, 2024 8:15 am
Reply to GASGIRL

G-Day all, I remember a guy once saying, if I eat carrots all I poop is carrots and if I eat peas all I poop is peas. How do I get back to normal poop? And the doctor said, eat shit. Regards, Iggie