Jun 07, 2024 8:38 am

IN HIGH SCHOOL, I thought that having to sit through my geometry class was about as much pain as I could stand.  I had no idea.  Today my neighbor is in the burn unit of a hospital dealing with extensive burns that he suffered when his propane tank exploded in his RV.  All of us on this site have known the pain that ultimately necessitated our ostomies.  Being here now, having survived and recovered and come to grips with this test of strength, we can understand what Friedrich Nietzsche was talking about when he told us: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”  Now, if only I could find the strength to deal with the fact that the Dodgers lost a series to the Pirates.

Jun 07, 2024 8:46 am

Could be worse... I'm an Angels fan. The pain runs deep...

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Mysterious Mose
Jun 07, 2024 3:59 pm

Terrible thing to happen to your neighbor. Severe burns are among the worst of injuries. They remain with you for life. I hope he recovers okay.

As for the Dodgers, I had a faint hope our hapless Rockies might take a series in LA when they won the first of three. But, alas, they stayed true to their all-time record of 91-167 in LA.

Jun 07, 2024 10:43 pm
Reply to Mysterious Mose

Angels are a minor league team this year. Trout is injured and sidelined. No other star players. I go to the games to watch the other teams. Going tomorrow to see the Astros.

Mysterious Mose
Jun 07, 2024 11:27 pm
Reply to Beachboy

Heh, the Rockies would be better if a game only lasted 5-6 innings. Unfortunately, it doesn't rain enough here, and they have to play the whole game. And Bryant is back on the IL. 182 million dollars down the tube.

One of the reasons Colorado still draws as well as they do is that most everyone here is from somewhere else. So, there is a whole lot of rooting for the other team. When the Padres are here, the Ha-Seong Kim chants can get pretty loud. And they're going to go nuts for Ohtani when the Dodgers finally get here.

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister
Jun 08, 2024 1:26 am


Go Knicks! 🤣

Bob 48
Jun 08, 2024 4:30 am
Reply to warrior

Who are the Knicks?

Jun 08, 2024 5:15 am
Reply to warrior

Come on, Warrior... we know deep down you're a baseball fan. You've got the Jackals and the Patriots. Jersey's a hotbed of minor league excitement... Yes! Excitement.

A noun:

A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
"Her cheeks were flushed with excitement."

Batter up!

Jun 08, 2024 10:39 am

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. Hopefully, he will be better soon. Neighbors are considered part of the family here. By custom, if you are selling your house, he has first priority among the buyers. I remember an occasion when there was a death in a family, their neighbor canceled a reception for his son's wedding. Best wishes.

Jun 08, 2024 5:33 pm

I am a Braves fan through and through. It pains me every time I see Freddie Freeman come up to bat for the Dodgers. 😩 I rejoice every time a poorer team humbles the rich team. 😉

Mysterious Mose
Jun 08, 2024 7:47 pm
Reply to aTraveler

I've hated the Braves ever since they abandoned Milwaukee. They were my first team until one of our two local radio stations started broadcasting the Detroit Tigers in 1960 and introduced me to the silver-tongued Ernie Harwell.

Jun 09, 2024 9:10 pm

Hi Henry, Pain is a pretty useful thing. It would be pretty scary to be one of those people who cannot feel it. I think having experienced severe pain has made me more appreciative of life without it. I spent many years in near constant discomfort and pain, and now I'm not. I can remember times when the pain was so great, that when it stopped, the feeling was almost like being high. Experiencing the bad just makes the good that much better.