Failing Gall Bladder and Liver After Intestinal Surgery

Jun 14, 2024 1:23 am

Hello fellow ostomates, it has been confirmed after having my intestines removed - all but 8 inches for the "Hartman's Pouch." Anyone here ever had to have the gall bladder removed? For me, it was within a month after 11 years of losing the intestines. Thank you, Henry.

Jun 14, 2024 10:12 am

Hi Henry,

I had my gallbladder removed, but it was about 10 years or so before the cancer and colostomy.

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Jun 14, 2024 12:46 pm

Hi Henry, I had mine removed a couple of years ago after suffering from stomach pain after eating. I still have the pain intermittently, so my gallbladder was clearly not the issue, but the surgery was mainly laparoscopic with a small cut above my navel due to scar tissue. The eight-day-long gas pain was something I had never experienced before, even with my four laparoscopic ostomy surgeries, and that was not fun. Other than that, healing was easy.

Jun 14, 2024 2:10 pm

Hello, I had my gallbladder removed in 2019, way before my cancer and colostomy. I had been sick on and off for several years before they figured it out. My liver enzymes were bad after a really horrible weekend of pain; that's how my doctor finally realized it was likely my gallbladder and sent me for an ultrasound. It was packed full of stones. I had the surgery and went home an hour later. My stomach was sore from the surgery for a week or so, but I was glad it was out and the pain was gone. I haven't had any issues since, and my liver went back to normal function.

Jun 14, 2024 9:19 pm

I just had my gallbladder out last February. It was a big help, actually. I don't have any of the symptoms I had before it was taken out. It is a minor surgery, and I did it as an outpatient. I was sore for 3 or 4 days and then back on my feet. I only needed pain meds for 2 days. Then they were not needed.

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