Swimwear for Men with Stomas: Where to Order High-Waisted Shorts?


Hi all, I will be going on holiday in a few weeks and need to get some swimwear (shorts) that will cover my stoma. Anyone any ideas where I can order them from?
Only had my operation 2 months ago, so none of last year's will do. I need some with a high waist.


Hi, try the website. Vanilla Blush. They do mostly ladies but do some men's things. They are a lot trendier than most sites.
Good luck. Have a good holiday.


I had to laugh when I read the title of the post. The first thought that comes to my mind when seeing the word holiday is Christmas time. I had visions of some Santa Claus themed swimwear.

Anyway, I'm not sure what style you are looking for or how far above the waist you need to cover. That being said, triathlon shorts may be an option. They are made to swim in and have a higher waistband than standard swimsuits. They cover my stoma and pouch no problem. (See pics in my profile for an example of what I'm talking about.) They do come with a small pad for biking which could be easily removed with a seam ripper.


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Coming from Ireland I would think if you Google COMFIZZ as I buy underware from them that are made especially for folks with stomas, have a high waist and the legs are long enough to curl up and hold your pouch clip, matter of fact these could also be used for swimwear, The downside they have no crotch but can easily be pulled aside to pee. These underware were made especially for ostimates and help keep an hernia from growing too large, worth looking into, they are an Irish company and any questions you have they are happy to answer, Ed

Thanks, I will have a look at that site.

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I have one pair of the boxers from Comfizz and they are great for support when out walking (waiting on more to arrive). I will have another look on their site to see if they have swimwear. I want to look respectable sitting at the pool on our cruise. This is my reward for surviving cancer and getting through the last 2 months, but still not worth giving up a bladder/prostate for, I think.
Thanks, Noel

After surviving your ordeal a nice vacation is definitely In order, enjoy to the max, Ed

Go to Stealth Belt on the net. Warning: They are $75 bucks, but pretty cool.

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