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Eating Japanese food!

Hello! Have any of you ostomates eaten sushi, sashimi, oyster or any shells! I'm craving for Japanese food and havent eaten them f almost a year! Please advise! Thank you all!
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I eat them all, all of the time and NEVER had an adverse reaction with my ileostomy. It is rather easy to digest in any form.

Ok tnx a lot
i eat them also just prepare for the smell that it causes if you eat to much cause fish causes a bad oder and for me it takes couple days to get rid of it there is something on the market i havent tried yet makes bad smell smell like a banana
Not an oyster girl....but LOVE sushi, sashimi, or and most problems!  Good luck!
well, I love sushi and sashimi also, but as it was said before, the smell on the next day is terrible! Despite this, there's no other problems...
Never had a problem with any of the above, and when my UC was at at its worst before my surgery 26 years ago  it was the only thing that gave me no problems!
Wow...I haven't noticed the awful smell...maybe I just block it
MJ I want sushi... Smile
Never had sashimi but any other seafood I LOVE!!! Looks like another recipe to look up and prepare. You are all invited over for dinner!!
I eat all types of seafood on a weekly basis including sushi and I have never had any problems or issues.  I don't think that you'll have any problems so enjoy!!!
Love sea food and eat all I can. I get stinky and do burp my bay outdoors or went the RR and spray for others in the house.

So? how was it?

What about soft shell crabs?

I eat loads of seafood and other no-no's for odor but I simply add extra odor drops to my bag after emptying and there's no problem.

I eat only cooked sushi.  Never raw.  You can eat the rest you mention but not often


I've had no issues with regular Nori wrapped Sushi however I'm on day 6 of a partial blockage due to eating sushi that was wrapped in the white rice paper - made out of rice and soy flour. This paper turned into a toxic glue inside my bowel.... I innocently chose this menu item and am still paying the price! Be careful people!

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