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Night collection system for colostomy. I was unable to sleep more than about 45 minutes without having to get up and empty my colostomy appliance. I have been trying to find a commercial product like the night drainage system used for urostomy patients but none exists for colostomy patients. I made my own with respiratory hose, Hollister two-piece bag system, a large pickle jar, baggie, rubber bands, and tape. Has anyone found a commercial product or created something similar?


Check out Hollister's high output pouch HO18013. It will work well if your output is primarily liquid at night.


I don't know if this applies since I have an ileo, but in the hospital, I had a high output bag that I wore all of the time that I was in there - morning, noon, and night. I know Hollister has one. Just check out all of the websites for manufacturers or ask your local wound care nurse or hospital. I'm sure someone would be able to help you. Best of luck, and let me know how you make out.

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Thanks for the replies. The Hollister HO 18013 does not work for a colostomy because the diameter of the outlet is too small if there is anything other than liquid. I have tried it and I ended up all night when the food would get stuck. The hose I use is about 3/4" to 1" inside diameter. I think I need to refine my system.


General Pattyn;

Do you really have a "Colostomy"?? Sounds like you have an Ileostomy????

There is no reason to empty a colostomy every 45 minutes???? Unless you have diarrhea?

I change colostomy pouch 1-2 times a day....

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Hi - I have all the same problems and what I use is made by Coloplast - it's called an Ileo Night Pouch product #2837. It's made from the same pouch material, about 3 inches wide, 5 feet long so it sits on the floor next to the bed and it snaps right onto their faceplate. It does have a tube fastened inside, but I manage to cut most of that out because it's difficult to clean properly. Coloplast is wonderful about sending samples and explaining their products - their phone # in the US is 877-858-2656.
I hope this helps you.
Hi GeneralPattyn,
I forgot to mention that it holds over 2 liters so you can look forward to better sleep - it usually lasts me all night, or at least more than 4 hours before needing emptying.
Good luck. Jackie
Hi tour guide,
I, too, have a colostomy that behaves like an ileostomy. The doctors tell me that it's because many years ago I had ileo bypass surgery and I'm not hooked up inside like everyone else. As a result, I have chronic diarrhea but only 75-80 percent of the time. It's the other times that clog up a regular tube, which is the problem General Pattyn described. I hope this helps him.

Jackie, I am new on here (for my mother of almost 92 years old) hoping to find info that will help her, particularly at night. Mom had severe diverticulitis and the colostomy was performed (transverse up high) to avoid lower area of damage. She does fairly well during the day with her colostomy pouch, emptying, etc., it is at night when problems seem to occur (leaking). She is into her 2nd stoma, now with her 2nd hernia repair, abscess formed and tunneling under the stoma, etc. So, we're staying with her at night, alarming clock twice each night to empty (sometimes it's full of gas). Last night her stool was so loose, nothing would hold! Finally, after two changes it worked but only until 7 a.m. with another leak. All because of loose stool which WILL NOT hold no matter what we've done over the last 2+ years, ostomy nurses, samples of all types bags, etc. Having said all that, we are so very thankful to have her with us -- the original hospital were going to resection and we made a decision to move her to a larger hospital in a larger city. It was there where the docs didn't think she would make it through the resection due to heart issues. 1 year later she did have to have a pacemaker/defib. So, good decision I think. It's just that she doesn't have a very high quality of life at this point and I'm so sorry for her....she is quite alert for 92 and wants to do the right thing. I have been wondering about a product just as you've described! Of course, she has always used a one-piece because she can empty and close the bottom easier than the 'tupperware' two-piece system (arthritic hands). I'm assuming this is a two-piece that you switch to the night bag and back to day with another, correct? Any information you can share would be so appreciated. Apologize for such a long posting.

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