Weight Loss with an Ileostomy: Any Tips?


Hi, I have an ileostomy and I am a rather big woman (size 24-26 Aust), even when I had the operation. I am wanting to lose weight. Has anyone done this before, and if you have, how did your stoma go with weight loss? I'm worried it will get 'lost' or appliances won't adhere properly. Please help!


Hey Edie, I'm from Melbourne. I have lost and also put on weight. Losing my weight wasn't a problem for my stomach, but putting it on is a problem. Got 2 nasty big hernias. Lyrica for nerve damage. I did the rapid weight gain. Not happy JAN HAHAHA. Hope you do lose the weight, Edie. I'm sure you will find the benefits in more ways than the stomach, but it's a good start, darl. YES YES YES XXXX mooza

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Thanks Mooza for the advice! I will go ahead and actively lose now! But I want to lose it slowly so the skin around my stoma doesn't get too loose.

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Greetings, with my surgery, I lost 40 lbs in the first couple of months (still fat) but don't want to lose more - another story. My appetite seems to have been lost with the surgery (didn't say cause). I eat more for maintenance now. I don't much like eating. My belly has changed size and shape with and since the surgery. I have not found much change with my stoma or output. I will continue to watch the post to see what experience others have.

Interesting subject. With a smaller belly, it is easier to attach an appliance. I can see it better. My incision shrank from 13 inches to 8 inches but more flabby. That word 'appliance' always makes me think "toaster" ... flange and bag - not much better. Maybe some creative person can suggest a better term.


I know what you mean.
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Hey DE, how about Stoma Tent - Stoma Highrise - Stoma Condo??? LOL - I know, not that funny. Need my breaky and tea - will try to think of something better.

Hey Eddie... I know how you feel, I too am the same size as you. I got so desperate that I decided to go for gastric surgery.
I was told that the gastric sleeve was what I needed, but that was only because it was the quickest and easiest for the surgeon to do. I wish I had never bothered because I am still the same size.
I eat healthy foods and it still won't move. However, back when I first had surgery in 1986, I did used to do a lot of exercise that did help. Now I have a degenerative spine, walking is difficult, so the weight went back on.
I wish I had never stopped exercising but moved house with less space to do it, and changed jobs so worked longer hours. But these seem like excuses now, maybe I was just lazy and didn't look after myself properly.
I do aquafit classes now 3 times a week. I haven't lost any weight, but definitely fitter. But still can't walk far. Wish you luck with your quest. M

Thanks for the encouragement, boatlady! I also do aqua aerobics, but I just started last week and I loved it!! At the moment, I go once a week, but I am looking to do it more and also try Aqua Zumba!!! I can't wait, that sounds fun!


Your stoma may get smaller with weight loss, but it won't move location (hooked in place internally), so loose skin shouldn't be a problem. I've lost/gained 100+ per year with no issue except needing a smaller hole on my flange due to a smaller stoma (not so swollen from pressure of weight).


Thanks for that! That makes me feel a lot better!
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