Polite Burping Dilemma at Christian Concert


I'm wondering if anyone has found a polite way to burp your bag? I found myself at a Christian music concert with my bag tight enough to pop. I figure the lady beside me was wondering why the bulge under my shirt kept getting bigger. Anyway, I felt terrible having to burp my overinflated bag in a public restroom, I almost felt like I should pray for the poor victims of my gastro-deflation. Unless someone has invented a way to make gas disappear upon release, I can see no polite way to burp a bag in a public restroom.


To paraphrase Barry Goldwater: I would remind you that burping a bag at a music concert is no virtue. And let me also remind you that sounding off in a public restroom is no vice.        PB
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I don't think there's any easy way to "burp" your bag in public, but if it's full of wind, it's gotta be done before you get a blow-out. Kem makes a device called the Osto-ez-Z-Vent that can be attached to most bags, which does make it a little easier to release gas, http://www.kemonline.com/content/home/. I contacted them and they sent me a sample, be it just the one though!, which I haven't got round to trying yet. This still needs to be done in private and will smell all the same.
The built-in filters aren't very good, so my advice would be don't eat foods that you know cause gas if you're going out somewhere it might be a problem and fit a fresh bag just before you go. If you do have to use a public restroom, just remember everybody's poo smells anyway, it's not unusual, it's normal.

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My words are too dastardly. If you have to burp, then burp into the bag. We all have gas and smells, lol. So what? Lol. Take care, ambies...

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Do you use filtered bags? Some are better than others, but they can prevent the buildup of gas.


I use filter bags, but they are only good for a day, two at the most. I use Hollister bags.


As always, PB gets right to the point and with aplomb!



I got a really good hint from another support website. Each time I empty my bag, I place an Altoids breath mint in the bag. I swear it works wonders when I have to burp it.


That is a good idea. I've been putting 3 Altoids in my bag after each emptying. It helps, but doesn't completely eliminate odor, at least not in my case.


Hi all, thought you might get a laugh out of this about burping the bag. I was visiting my youngest son and his wife, and my son doesn't really want to discuss the bag issue, so I try not to talk about it, never mind having to burp the bag when he is around. Well, the night I was staying with him and his wife, we were out to the supermarket and driving home, my bag starts to get big and bigger until I thought it would burst. Well, I waited and finally told myself I would have to burp the bag. So here I am sitting in the back seat and I burp the bag, and the smell was horrible, and suddenly my son says, "Oh excuse me, I just farted and the smell is horrible." Boy, could I have timed it any better?



Man, what are the odds? A million to one?
I'm curious, Hometown ~ based on what you know about your son, could he have perhaps said this out of kindness because he felt you might have been self-conscious of the smell with his wife in the car?   Someone acted in a rather similar way to kindly divert attention away from my youngest daughter at a party when her stoma sounded off unexpectedly.

Hi all!

Can someone please tell me what it means to "burp" your bag? I've had my bag since April 2009, and this is the first time I've heard about it. Just about everything I've learned came from this site. I don't even have an ostomy nurse. Thank you all so much for your contributions to my learning experiences! Take good care, everyone!

On two-piece bag systems, like my Hollister bag, on the sides and top of the bag are tabs. The side tabs are to connect to a belt, but the top tab is for burping the bag. When the bag gets filled with gas on a two-piece system, you pull that top tab forward to open just the top of the bag from the wafer to release gas - burp the bag.



I use a filtered bag with M9 drops. I keep the filter open by running a Colo Majic bag with the bottom cut out. I poke the vent holes in the Colo Majic bag as per instructions. This makes a splash shield for the filter. I usually get the 4 days I need out of it.

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