Stoma retraction and changing output - need advice!

Hi anyone on here that can help plzzzz!!! I've had my ileostomy for nearly 10 years now and have had many ups and downs (as we all do). Anyway, about 5 days ago, I thought I had a blockage, but it's not?? What's happening is my stoma is fully retracting under my baseplate and when I'm having a bowel movement, it sucks in even more and it feels like I'm being sliced by a razor blade when anything tries to come out? My output has also changed of late.... I feel constipated one minute, then it's watery, then back to constipation again?? I'm at my wits' end atm with this, and the only relief I'm getting is using a hot pack to help it out. I've thought about taking a laxative but am told you can't when you have an ileostomy?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thx in advance. Beverley

Can't seem to get any help on this site. I've posted about 20 times now and nobody bothers to answer?? Oh well, time to find support elsewhere......

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Can't seem to get any help on this site. I've posted about 20 times now and nobody bothers to answer?? Oh well, time to find support elsewhere......



I can't relate to the experience that you are having except for the feeling of having a potential blockage. When I do not have my normal BM via the stoma, it builds up and I get the feeling like I want to explode. Believe it or not, I get a couple scoops of ice cream and eat it slowly and enjoy the cool and tasteful experience. I then have a smooth BM and it flows well. I hope that this may help.
Enjoy, Sourdough

ron in mich

Hi Rosebudd, sorry for the non-responses but this is the first time I've seen your question. Do you have blocks after certain foods or taking different meds? Usually, when I feel a block coming on, I start drinking more fluids like teas, Gatorade, sports drinks, and then go for a walk or try to be somewhat active. It's painful but seems to work for me. Ron in Michigan.

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Rosebudd44 ~ It is possible to feel an emotion that's real even though the thought process behind that emotion is unreal. I don't want you to think that you cannot get help on this site because that is not true. I hope you will sense that what I now say is from kindness as my intent is to present a few facts you may not be aware of:

1) You asked your question concerning "painful output" on Jan 22 at 9:11 pm and by Jan 22 at 10:30 pm, you were feeling you couldn't get any help — 1 hour and 19 minutes is a very short span of time for expecting a response on this site as sometimes there are only a few people online.

2) You say you've "posted about 20 times now and nobody bothers to answer". When I go to your profile, it shows you have posted 10 times, and some of those posts were responses to others on this site. I only notice two occasions when you asked for help concerning uploading photos, and on both occasions, you received responses to your questions.

I hope you will start to feel that there are many on this site who want to help.
Monsieur Le President

Probably the only reason that you have not had a response is that the news that you want to hear is most probably not good news, and people on here seem to want to help.
Go to your doctor or surgeon and get specialist advice.

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Hi rosebudd! I got a blockage two weeks ago and now my doctor told me to eat only soups and juices. It's very difficult and I must be careful what I eat. I got it from nuts.
I hope all will go well and I become well soon!


Hi Rosebudd44, my doctor told me I can be constipated or blocked and still have diarrhea. The water is going around the stool but not pushing it out. He told me to take a Senna laxative. They are very gentle. I have a colostomy.


I have had several blockages and felt much like you do. It may feel like a watermelon is attempting to pass and yet you may get watery discharge. Before going to the doctor or hospital, I try milk. I am lactose intolerant and this helps sometimes. I prefer chocolate.

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