Severe rash and slow healing after surgery - need advice!


So I go to change everything last night, get it all off and realize the Saran Wrap type film the nursing supervisor had put on over my incision under my flange has caused a severe rash. And my open incision looks worse than ever. I am not healing there. I have been on antibiotics for almost a week now with no results. I will call my nurse as soon as I can. Why they had to put an incision under where my flange goes I have no idea.

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Hi Pammer, it sounds like you're allergic to that film. I would get some stomahesive powder to sprinkle on the raw spots, then some Cavilon spray or wipes over the powder. That should help it to heal. Good luck.

Hi Pam,
I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems. While my experience with the healthcare system in Ontario, Canada has been minimal, I did learn that in order to get results, you have to be the squeaky wheel. When my oncologist expressed some concern and thought about sending me back to the surgeon, I went to the surgeon's office and asked. They had not received any notice.
After the weekend, I went back to check, then called the oncologist's office and made an appointment with the surgeon after he received the results of the CT scan. My surgeon wanted to compare the CT scan but didn't have the previous results.
I then went to my family doctor and asked the receptionist about receiving any info.
I faxed the oncologist's office and asked that they forward all of the results after the 2012 operation to both my family doctor and my surgeon.
Just keep pushing, the subject is very dear to you!!!
Don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion or state your mind. I had a screaming session with the family doctor's receptionist. She claimed I wasn't a patient anymore (they have to write you to discontinue you as a patient). My doctor tried to chastise me, and after a few back and forths, it was left. I am her patient and we are now on excellent terms (I did bring chocolates).
I don't mind being obstinate and obnoxious when it comes to my health.
Be well,

Hoi pammer, some thoughts on your incision from one who spent 5 yes s months having an open incision heal following abdominal surgery. First off, there are ostomy nurses and there are wound care nurses, and in my estimation, you need to first see your surgeon (not a GP) and secondly, you MUST talk to a wound care nurse. It is a specialty. Wounds are complicated and without direct access to the air, they heal VERY slowly. You might not be allergic to the saran wrap and you may be complicating the matter by putting stoma powder in it. Get the advice of the surgeon first because an open wound can get messy. Lastly, I read your messages and know your level of anxiety is right up there, BUT the complications and process of healing following this type of surgery takes months to heal and adjust please, it will work out but it's one day at a time, for as long as it takes. Also, if you do see a wound care nurse, it may require several weeks of VON nurse visitations to resolve this as the dressings have to be changed regularly depending on the size and characteristics of the incision. Good luck...if you have any questions for me, it would be best to ask by clicking on the REPLY within this forum headline rather than a new one each time...All the best, scotiaman

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Thank you for your advice. My surgeon is in tomorrow. I saw her last week and at that time she thought things were okay. It was two days later when it really got worse. I called my nurse and she is coming back with her supervisor in the morning. I do think my nurse is in over her head with me. I didn't realize there were wound care nurses, but I will definitely be asking tomorrow. Thanks again. Pammer.


Hi. Thanks for your advice. I know I don't speak up for myself enough. My nurse is coming back in the morning with her supervisor. I want so much to be on the road to recovery and not where I am now. I hope to chat with you soon. Pammer.


My incision took around 7 months to heal! I agree, see your surgeon and wound care nurses. My surgeon's office also had a surgeon whose specialty was wounds. So I would ask if there is a doctor like that! Is your wound large? Are they packing the wound with dressing and changing it? If you have someone like a friend or family member, ask them to be there with you and listen to what the nurses or doctors are saying.

Good luck!

Hi. Thank you for your good advice. While the open incision is not too large, it does sit right under where my flange goes, so I believe this is delaying my healing. I do have a friend who has been with me every step of the way. She is getting up early today just to be here when the nurses come so she can understand better what needs to be done. Thanks again. Pammer.

Hi Pammer: Yes, there are wound care nurses and there are wound care doctors. I spent eight months healing after I had two surgeries within 14 days. I spent 13 weeks with a wound vac on, I had my midline abdominal incision with my colostomy right next to it and a very complicated wound dressing to keep the poop out of the surgical wound, which had to be left open because of peritonitis. So, you need to speak to your surgeon, and ask about a wound care specialist MD, maybe your hospital has a Wound Care Center. My ostomy nurse is also a wound care nurse, she is certified in both and I love, love, love her. She was in the OR with me when they took me back for the third time after my second surgery for the doc to do the debridement and she and my surgeon figured out how to arrange things with the wound vac and ostomy. Good luck!

I used to have the same trouble when my stoma was new 3 years ago. The way that worked for me the best was to apply the bag directly onto the skin with no seals. On the sore skin, apply OstoSeal aloe vera powder. Dust off the loose powder, apply the bag onto it with the stoma hole cut out, and the powder will heal the skin in no time! It took me a long time to sort out the right solution for me. I hope this is of some help to you.

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