Gas relief for ileostomy with Neurontin? Need help!


Hi! I'm new to this site and so glad to have found you! I've had an ileostomy for almost 3 years. I have fibromyalgia which mostly affects my back. About a month ago, my doctor put me on Neurontin (Lyrica doesn't work for me) and the Neurontin works wonders but it gives me terrible gas which has blown up my bag. I've tried Gas-X and charcoal tablets which I've taken orally and also put them in my bag, and they don't work. For about a little over a week, I stopped the Neurontin but the pain in my back was unbearable so yesterday I went back on it and I'm back on the charcoal tablets but still no relief. I don't know what else to do, can anyone help me? I've got other issues but I'll get back to you all another time! Right now, this is really stressing me out.


Do you use a vented pouch? I'm afraid I can't offer much advice other than trying a vented pouch. The Gas-X works pretty well for me, but I have a colostomy. What are you eating? I assume that the gas is caused by the meds, but I would still cut out grains and eat low fiber, high protein food. Eat several smaller meals in place of the 3 larger ones most folks do. Good luck, let us know how things turn out.

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I want to thank Mild Mannered Superhero for his reply to me. I wear a 2-piece Hollister bag which I can burp during the day, it's when I'm sleeping that I have problems. My diet hasn't changed at all so I'm sure it's the medication. You mentioned vented bags and I'd like to give those a try. Would you or anyone know who makes them? Thanks again, Mr. Hero, for your support!


I use Neurontin also but for muscle problems. I had an ileostomy and did have it reversed but still

have problems at times with both gas and diarrhea. For the gas try Fennel tea. I buy it at natural

food shops. Someone told me to try it on another site and I've had some success with it. It is

worth a try. I drink 2-3 cups a day and because I like it stronger for taste I use 2 bags each time

I make it. Hope it helps you.



Your very welcome, you will find everyone here will help you if they can. Just about all the companies make a vented bag. Normally the vented bag is used with a colostomy nbsp; since it is less prone to clog the vent, the output being more solid than an ileo. However, you might be able to wear one at night being careful to sleep on your back so the vent/filter doesn't get quite as much liquid on it. I would call whoever makes the system you use now and ask for a few samples of their largest vented bag. I would still suggest that the evening meal avoid grains and sure makes a difference in my situation. Best of luck, keep us posted

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Walt50, do you have any ideas for my problem?


Hi Laurieheartoobig,

Superhero has the right idea on the diet portion of possible solutions. In addition to that good advice, we need to consider some other factors. I searched for side effects of Neurontin and found no reference to excess gas formation in the GI tract. It is possible that the way your small bowel was secured (in a number of places well below your stoma), that it is causing the gas to accumulate in 1 or 2 pockets. Then at night when you lay down on your back, it is released in the bag shortly after you've fallen asleep. Is your gas passage during the day a lot less than at night? One way to experiment would be to lay down for a good hour before retiring for the night and see if this possible theory is valid. If it is, your bag will fill up with gas fairly rapidly. If you normally sleep on one side or the other, you would want to take that position instead of on your back. Another possible mechanical type cause would be your dining habits. For example, I was in the habit of taking a mouthful of food and then a sip of milk or juice and then solid food and alternating solid - liquid - solid - liquid all through the meal. I stopped that habit after discovering that it was causing gas. For many decades, I've had no problems. That esophagus is a narrow tube and you can eat fast and gulp food which pushes gas bubbles down into the stomach, increasing the likelihood that some of that gas will find its way into your small bowel. Hope we are all making progress in trying to help with your situation. Regards, Walt50


Hi Laurie,

Many, including me, have found the Osto EZ Vent to be far superior to burping the bag or relying on filters — here's a link to more info:

This is a simple product you apply to each bag. The only problem I've had with the vent is it catching on clothing and pulling loose. To remedy this problem, I take a 2-inch strip of a plastic tape called Transpore by 3M, use a single-hole paper punch to punch a looseleaf binder size hole in the middle of the strip of tape, and place the tape with hole over the EZ vent to help it stay attached if clothing rubs on it.


I can't thank you all for the suggestions! Walt 50, I slept on my side last night and even though the bag was full of gas, it didn't blow, which of course made for a better start to the day. I do plan to check on the vented bags, if only for nighttime. Of course, I'll try the fennel tea as well (our health food store is closed on the weekend). I'm so happy to have found a place where I can be open about subjects like this and thank all of you for your support and kindness!!!!

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