Need help with ostomy leaks during sleep


Hi there.

I am new to this. Have a question about flange to skin. I have been leaking at night like crazy. It pulls off in the middle of the night no matter what I do, paste or no paste. Any tips? I'm concerned my stoma doesn't come out far enough to clear the hole when I sleep. Anyone else suffer from this?


Hi Rostomy, sounds like you should try a convex flange which will aid in your short stoma. I don't have that problem but have heard others talk about a convex flange for that use. Give it a try and good luck. Penguins7

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Hi, I agree with Penguins, try a convex flange, and also try using stoma adhesive powder, then paste around the opening of the wafer.

It's also important as to how you clean your skin. I never use soap....ever. I gave it up 50 years ago (under the wafer that is). I don't take off the wafer in the shower because even shampoo can leave a residue.

I use hot water to clean the skin around the stoma, and then cold water (to close the pores). I then use a prep wipe....(which really prepares the skin) and removes any lingering body oil/moisture.

I put the powder around the stoma and before I switched to the moldable flange, I used to put a ring of stoma adhesive paste around the opening of the flange.

I have been using the Convatec 2-piece system for many years, but about 2 years ago, I switched to the moldable flange.

The opening isn't "cut to size". Instead, you stretch it with your fingers, to widen the opening, fit it around the stoma, and then the extra wafer forms a collar around the stoma. It's been great....and I rarely have a leak. And if I's minimal at me enough warning that I need to change. I hope this helps.



Hi Rostomy. Does your ostomy function properly when you're up and about (you mention problems when you're asleep)?

My surgery was over 20 years ago and for quite a period of time, I had issues in bed (e.g. I always slept on my stomach). About 4 or 5 years ago, I started placing a really soft pillow lengthwise down the middle of the bed. In this fashion, I can sleep on my right side (facing the pillow) and, with my colostomy clear of the pillow, everything works well. When I roll onto my other side, I use this pillow as a bit of a back brace.

Also, I try not to eat too late in the evening as this tends to exacerbate the concerns.

If you have an ET, you should be able to have your stoma and appliance examined (for best fit). Once you get the hang of it, there's no reason for leaks.


Have you tried a convex wafer?

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Mary Ann

What helped me was not only tube paste around the ring, but also putting stick paste in my belly button to level it up since my flange overlapped it. I also noticed that after I had gained back about 20 of the 40 pounds that I had lost, things started sticking much better.

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