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Sources of protein after ileostomy surgery

Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:22 pm
"This is the best website for people with an Ostomy, hands down. So much understanding. Everyone should join."

Hello, I am 9 weeks post op from getting an ileostomy and everyone says to slowly increase your diet. I tolerate carbs. with no problem, but I also do not to gain too many pounds. Any suggestions on proteins, receipes? Thanks, looking forward to hearing back. One "mate" to another

Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:50 pm

Dear JuJuBee,  You came to the right place.  Welcome to the club.  Please peruse the forum topics and blogs for useful information about living life with an ostomy when you have the time.  How are you feeling now that it has been about 9 weeks post op?  Are you doing well?  It took me about 8 weeks or so to get going after surgery, but over 1 year before I really felt like myself.  I tired very easily in the early days after surgery.  I had my life saving surgery when I was 48 years old and have been living with my ileostomy for a little over two years.  I work full time and pretty much went back to my life pre surgery without the UC destroying my colon. 

Regarding meals, I eat much of the foods that I enjoyed prior to surgery.  I was not a huge fan of pineapple, cabbage, foods with casings or grizzly meats so avoiding them was not an issue for me.  If I happen to eat something that I believe could cause digestion issues, I drink extra fluids to help the process along.  I also chew my foods more today than I did previously and cook things well done.  Others on this site may make other suggestions.  Good luck to you and take each day one day at a time.  This information can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it will soon make sense to you.  Keep posting and asking questions.  Sincerely, LadyHope

MeetAnOstoMate - 26,936 members
Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:33 pm

Hi JuJuBee,

Welcome to the forum. Altho I have a colostomy and not an ileo there is good information on the internet that you can research to find what works for some folks. That being said here is a link from the mayo clinic that speaks of what to eat:


I'm sure fellow ileostomates will chim in as soon as they see your post.

Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:33 pm

Hi,   Ditto, what Ladyhope shared.  This is the place for you to come, to learn , to ask questions and to share. 

I was 15 when I had my surgery ( I'm 66 now) and even though the doctor had me on a "soft diet", to introduce me to foods slowly, I had a piece of pizza ( unknown to my parents and doctors) the week after surgery.   After being on a very restricted diet for nearly 4 years, I wasn't going to let anyone tell me what to eat.  ( Finally, I could rebel).  So, as every teen does, I learned the hard way. 

The best way to start out is with easily digested foods. I didn't do that.   I quickly found out that vegetable needed to be very well cooked.  I found I could eat raw salad, but not raw carrots, or cabbage.   But I could eat sourkraut?   Very strange.  Balancing "roughage" with carbs ( bread or potatoe) has been important for me.  Too much roughage, can cause a slight blockage, or a case of the "runs".  Remember, with an ileostomy, you don't have a colon, and so too much roughage, can slow down the passage of food, but the "churning" can cause a loss of fluids.    It's really very individual.  I love fresh corn on the cob, but only the little "white" silver queen variety agrees with me.   I can eat some nuts, and not others.

  Proteins are generally not a problem, but foods like eggs, and fish can cause an odor issue.  There are products you can use to put in the pouch to reduce the odors.  Some people are very sensitive to spicy foods, while others have no problems with it at all.  

  So remember to  take it slow, and give  yourself the chance to test out the foods that interest you.   I've made a big switch recently....to more whole grain foods ( getting rid of the white stuff).   I always thought my system wouldn't tolerate it, but I've found that it hasn't been an issue.  I've discovered "healthier eating is better for me", because Ulcerative Colitis is a systemic disease, and although the Colon is gone, it can still be present in the body.  The elimination of targeted foods ( white stuff,  dairy, red meat ) has resulted in less inflammation ( my gums healed)  and feeling healther in general.  

Best of luck to  you...

Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:51 pm

Hi jujubee,

As LadyHope and ImMarsh said it will take time to get back.  I've had my Ileo 5 years now. I've been eating just about any and everything I want. 

Did make the awful mistake though, of eating a few to many marshmellows not long after surgery to slow down the ouput for the nurse to help with my changing, by her request to this day I don't touch those things. Had a home care nurse come in twice a week to help with and get me going on the changing. She told me to drink protien shakes to help with getting it. Don't know whether you can drink those or not, but that is also a good source until you can back to eating again. Just whatever you do try put back in your diet remember to chew,chew,chew and drink plenty of fluids. In time you will be able to pick and choose on the foods you miss. I've chewed some foods so much that my jaws would hurt, but by george I enjoyed it. Again a little at a time. The body just went through the mill so to say. Got to somewhat get back to a norm. Good luck to you, 

                                                                                                                                                                                Charleston guy

Fri Jul 24, 2015 4:35 pm

Are you tracking your food intake right now? If not, do it and see how much protein you're getting already.  Too much protein isn't good for you, and most people already get too much.  

As a general rule, if you are eating enough calories from whole foods (not empty calories), then you're getting enough protein. 

Good luck! 

Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:52 pm

Yogurt, special K protein drinks are good . eggs, . Stick with soft foods as much as possible.  

Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:36 pm

Hi and nice to meet you. Ignore what they tell you once you have your ileostomy in a few weeks for the first time you will feel like your really living. After the surgery feel free to eat as you desire, I can't tolerate pineapple but other than that nothing seems to bother me. I had my surgery in the early 80's and today I am 62 years old and feel great. The surger will give you a new life and don't worry about the bag, not a big deal, believe me when you feel good all else is meaningless.

All the best,


Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:00 pm

Hi J---

Two suggestions on breads with lo carbs and high protein.

(1) a recipe for Carb Free Cloud Bread... uses eggs, no flour : http://www.food.com/recipe/carb-free-cloud-bread-411501  tastes good but hard to use for a sandwich I think.

(2) a lot of gluten free bread may offer protein and low carbs.  I lost some weight going Gluten Free and it helped my digestion.

Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:33 pm

Froget it all, once you have the ostomy you will lose some weight but just do what you like regarding eating all will be fine, it will be a new life for you.

Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:14 am
jujubee15 wrote:

Hello, I am 9 weeks post op from getting an ileostomy and everyone says to slowly increase your diet. I tolerate carbs. with no problem, but I also do not to gain too many pounds. Any suggestions on proteins, receipes? Thanks, looking forward to hearing back. One "mate" to another

Kemojerz.i eat once a day at or a round 1130 or by 130 .smal portion meet veg carb gal of guce gronola oat meal milk eat like a horse your shit will look like a horse.you open your pouch and every thing drops out.a lot cleaner.stay away from fast food .iwas 60lds heaveyer before the operation.throuout the day juc granola.a bit and small pees if you must .just remember.the mor you eat the mor you will have to open your pouch.after some time you will regain some control.a littel canabas.hope this helps.l have to keep my stomic looking good for the camera.jerz

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