Help! Need to Stop Weight Loss and Gain Back Pounds!


5 weeks out loop ileostomy and still losing weight! Help, how can I at least stabilize it? And maybe put back a little.

Thanks, this is important as I lost 10 needed lbs.


Hi Susan. Try mac and cheese with butter! My grandmother once told me that her brother wanted to join the army, but he was too thin, so he ate pasta every day, he gained weight and got accepted. Good luck!

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Well, ensure and root beer floats worked for me. Hope you can gain what you need.

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Hi Susan, I agree with the post about pasta, but I always had it with meat sauce. The meat gives you protein and fats, and the pasta gives you carbohydrates for energy. I also had the occasional cheeseburger.


I understand your dilemma. By the time I left the hospital, I had lost 40 lbs. I was emaciated. I began by eating organic whole grain toast with organic peanut butter and honey for breakfast. Then I would make power smoothies with organic Greek yogurt, organic nut butter, Amazing Grass supergreen powder, frozen organic mixed berries, organic banana, flaxseed oil, organic hemp protein powder, and some almond milk. Buzz it up and it can be consumed as needed. The biggest thing is to consume clean, highly nutritious food. Your body needs great quality fuel to heal. Organic peanut butter will put weight on, and it has protein :)

That's just some of what I ate, but it helped a lot. :)

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Hi Susan,

During one of my skin and bones times, I had a baked ribs phase - I baked ribs regularly at home (I don't barbecue) - I ate and enjoyed lots of fatty meats that I would previously avoid and have seldom eaten since. Then after I'd gained my weight back, I no longer craved the ribs. If you're lucky like me, you may find a food that puts the fat back on your bones. Now I could afford to lose a few pounds, but that's a different story...

pete b

Hi Susan

I normally weigh just under 12 stone, whilst in hospital I went down to just under 8 stone....I didn't put an ounce back on until my body had healed itself of the surgery...all of your food goes to fixing your body first. Now I eat most things including jelly type sweets and I've put back on about 2 stone in 4 months.....I had the op a year ago! So don't panic, weight will go back on once your body has used the energy to fix your wounds!!

All the best



Nutritional drinks Boost, Ensure, depends on where you live but Cannabis is an appetite stimulant


You might want to try eating at least 6 small high-calorie meals throughout the day. Supplement that with 2 cans of Ensure Plus, and you should gain weight. The mac n cheese someone mentioned is a great idea. Mostly, find the foods you love and eat lots of that. Good luck.


Don't forget potato with lots of real butter, gravy, etc.

The weight will stabilize and once the inside heals, you will start to gain. Eat little amounts and often. Lots of marshmallow. I stay away from grains and "health foods" as they really have an adverse reaction, but I am missing a lot more than the colon so that may be different. Add sugar and cream to tea. No coffee, it leaches good stuff out until you get the weight back.

Good luck, but don't panic. Just one meal at a time and savor every mouthful - make your life count for pleasure now!!

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I agree with the way you're eating. Very strange that the medical field doesn't agree.


Mr. Colitis Crohn's on IG FB sells a great belt... best I've ever seen!


I have the same problem -- losing weight -- and I still struggle with it. I eat three meals plus small meals/snacks in between. Some days I feel like all I do is eat because I seem to be hungry all the time. Other days, like today, I'm not feeling particularly well (I tend to have bouts of nausea that the doctors have no clue about) and it's so much harder to eat. So I got a smoothie this morning. And this afternoon I'm having a shake. I try to think in terms of higher calories nowadays which is hard since I was a bit overweight before the surgery and always thinking in terms of not overdoing it. It can be really frustrating though -- high output ileostomy makes gaining/keeping weight really difficult. I eat lots of pasta with lots of cheese - LOL!

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