New Formula of Hollister 7917 Gel Wipes: Disappointing Change


Just wondering if I'm the only one who now hates the Hollister 7917 protective gel wipes since they changed them?

The older wipes dried very fast and I could use the fluid in combination with ostomy powder to heal wounds forming a nice dry cake over the area. This new formula is impossible to get dry and their spray is the same way. They used to offer two options, one with alcohol and one without, I'm guessing they just dumped the one with alcohol and merged the products? Here is an image of both, the one on the left, the old one was excellent, the one on the right sucks, at least for me now. I've tried to make it work, but I'm thinking at this point I'm better off just not even using it.


I agree. I hate new ones too. They do not seem to do the job. Thank goodness I still have full of the old type.

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I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one :)

I have considered buying up the older version on eBay and elsewhere, but eventually I will run out and need a new solution. These companies should ask their users what they actually want instead of arbitrarily changing things :(


Can you explain what these are used for? Are they for cleaning around the stoma?


They are used to put a coating beneath the wafer to make it easier to remove when you change the wafer the next time. The older version dried very fast, the new one does not. Also, the older version fluid in the packet could be used with stoma powder to coat and cake over wounded areas of the skin. It worked great for that. The new version is completely useless for doing that.

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I bought a box of the old version off of eBay. But I'm going to give these Reliamed gel wipes a shot:

ReliaMed® Protective Barrier Wipes
Protects skin from dressing tape and damage caused by frequent removal of wafers and other adhesives.
Non-irritating to intact skin; latex-free.

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