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Passing Gas


Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I have been on here.I could not log back on here with my original user name and password for some reason.SO i am now Dee H not DH. Had to start a new account.Well anyway, I  have had this colostomy  for about 4 and a half years now.And I have gotten pretty much adapted to this condition.However i still find myself in embarrasing situations once in a while. I do not usually have problems with gas. But the other day while I was sitting at my desk at work I passed a little gas.And of course we ostomates cannot hold ours in. Well anyway, one of my coworkers made the remark that it smelled like someone farted that it was like rotten eggs.Well that sure made me feel awkward.I never told my coworkers about my ostomy.This is a fairly new job and i don't feel compfortable about telling them at least not yet.And I do not feel its any of there buisness anyway. So I just sat there and didnt say anything. But I was so embarrassed and humiliated by this and thiught that maybe i should mention my condition in case it happens again. So now i am so worried about gas that i barely eat anything at work anymore.And all because of an ignorant and immature coworker.sealed

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Hi Dee,

I might of agreed with them and see what expression they put on their face. Seems to me when they heard the noise they instantly smelled a smell they don't like. I know no one smells like roses but geez I'm pretty sure it wasn't you that carried that odor. Or at least they couldn't smell it.

People get moved around in my work place and I have told some that if they hear strange noises coming from me, don't worry it's my normal.
One woman asked what I meant and I told her I'm a colon cancer survivor and have a colostomy pouch, she said oh okay. Come to find out months later when we became better friends she had no idea what I was talking about.


Hello Dee H.

Thank you so much for sharing your embarrassing  moment as it's good to share these gems among friends who may well have experienced similar situations.  I often share with colleagues at work that I have a stoma when and if the opportunity arises, partly because I'm not ashamed of it and partly as an educational foray.  There is usually a reason for my oxposure such as when someone asks me to help with heavy lifting and the like  and I explain that I already have a couple of hernias that I'm nursing and I don't want to aggravate them.  You say that you have a colostomy. Have you tried irrigation an wearing a plug during the day?   I find that this sorts out the gas by allowing it to pass through the filter without sound or smell.  Anyway, it wasn't always sound and smell free like this so as my rhyming contribution this month  I'll blog one of several poems on farts and smells that I've penned in the past and I hope that this will help you see that these incidents can be overcome and looking back you might even percieve some humour in the adversity.  I've also written a few about people's reactions to farts and smells but these were nothing to do with stomas so I've not posted them on this site so far.

Best wishes



Hi Dee, Have you tried Devrom? It comes in a chewable tablet. It tastes like bananas. It helps to eliminate odors internally. I purchase mine on Amazon in 100 chewable tablets. It really does a pretty good job at least with reducing odor from flatulence / stool. You can take 1 tablet up to 8 times a day. With a meal-it will do the job. At least this might help with some of the issue. Sorry, it does not cure knuckleheads! Best regards!    


Hey Dee, I want to contribute but I'm not sure I understand how your jerk-y (changed the second part) coworker knew you passed gas.  Did he/she hear it?  Does your pouch have a filter that doesn't work?  I have a colostomy and never smell any of the contents except when emptying but there's no way I can control the sound.  What am I missing?




I think Mrs.A got it right. Your coworker may have heard the noise, most likely didn't smell anything, but commented on a smell anyway. Noises are a concern but our smells should be contained within the pouch. Was your seal loose or maybe the filter slid out of place?  My ileostomy doesn't make much noise but has on occasion gurgled like a hungry stomach. I usually just say that I'm getting hungry. Either way, probably the best thing you can do is avoid foods that are causing gas. I've heard others say that they document meals/snacks into a log book to determine which ones are causing the issue. I have also noticed that gas is worse after the first meal of the day, as the food makes its way through. There are also several good articles on the topic, as well as a few devices that are supposed to help. Try these links:

Hope that helps! 

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