Seeking Advice: Managing Colostomy Challenges with Watery Output and Skin Irritation


Hi, I am not on here much but like to read the comments. I have had a colostomy for 2 years now and still find it a challenge. I have been using one-piece drainable pouches because the wafers are more comfortable for me. Problem solved, I thought. But now I am having watery output that stings the skin around the stoma. I have an innie, not an outie, so I use moldable rings but if I get the ring too close to the stoma, output when it is a firm stool which it usually is, pushes against and leaks under the ring. So, I have to leave about 1/8 inch of skin exposed. I may have to go to a two-piece system with a hard wafer so I can clean around the stoma better. Is there a two-piece system where I could open it up to clean with a more flexible comfortable wafer? I would like to clean several times a day. Or how about a one-piece pouch made to be removed every morning before my shower and thrown away and replaced with new? Any thoughts?


Are you using a convex wafer? I would suggest that and an Eakin ring with a two-piece system. Do you wear an ostomy belt? That will help keep everything in place. I used to use the Coloplast two-piece system with the hard wafer, and it served me well. After my last operation to repair a hernia, I had to switch to a Hollister with the more flexible cloth-type backing as my abdomen is no longer flat. Good luck and keep us posted. MMsh

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Just wondering if you also use a barrier spray or wipe before you put on the moldable ring? It helps to keep the output from harming your skin should it come in contact with it.

Snookis Mum

Coloplast makes a terrific convex one-piece called Sensura. I use it with a Brava ring. I have an ileostomy, so it is always watery, but this allows me to wear it for a week at a time. Give them a call or an email and request a sample.


I haven't found the convex wafers very helpful. Maybe if I had a flat belly, they would work better, but I have gained weight since my operation. I need to wear a belt about 1-2 inches below my waist and I haven't found one that will stay there.

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pete b

Hi....I have an ileostomy. My stoma is usually level with my skin which dips inwards, so you could say it's an innie. I've had a lot of problems with leakage around the stoma which can be very painful. I have tried lots of different ways to try to stop it happening.

I think I have now solved it (touch wood)...this is how..........

Clean around the stoma using only adhesive remover as it dries very fast, then I apply Cavilon on a stick. I use these as you can get right up to the stoma. Then I use a stoma collar made by Salts. This I have to cut down in diameter by about 3 or 4mm. I then apply a very small amount of Ilex paste around the inner part of the collar where it meets the stoma (very small amount)....then attach the stoma collar to your skin. I found it best to attach it while the Cavilon is slightly sticky. Then finally attach the Sensura Mio Convex (soft).....and this has stopped the leaking/burning around the stoma. One thing I forgot to add is that on the stoma collar there is a clear polythene tube that sits around the stoma. This I cut down to about 1/2 of the length.

I also take loperamide for slowing down the intestine, which makes for a thicker output. 2x 30 mins before each meal 3 times a day.

It sounds very time-consuming but it really doesn't take long.

All of this I get from Coloplast, a great supplier.

The Sensura Mio convex have only just come onto prescription. I have been on a trial with them for a couple of months (best pouch on the market I think).

I hope this helps, took me a year to stop the burning. The biggest thing is...don't use water to clean around the stoma as it's hard to get completely dry. Use the adhesive remover.


Angell delight

Pete, that's such great advice. I've just started with the new convex Sensura Mio, the large diameter one, my stoma nurse didn't think I needed a washer as well, but, as I've just removed it, some of my skin is sore and itchy. She also said that there should be a little skin exposed around the stoma as the bag should not fit too snugly to prevent the stoma itself bleeding. I have been using barrier wipes and powder on the sore skin. I'm going to try one of the Coloplast washers with it tomorrow to see if it aids healing.

Glad your skin is healthier. I hope your leaks are a thing of the past. They are my biggest anxiety.

Take care,

Angell x


I agree, the Sensura Mia is excellent.

pete b

Angell, please, please use the Stoma collars from Salts. This was invented by a patient who suffered as we do/did. Don't always listen to the stoma nurse, they are not always right. My stoma measures 23mm, my Sensura Mio measures 23mm. My stoma collar is also 23mm. The stoma collars have a very soft edge to them, so no scuffing the stoma.

Please look them up. Salts Healthcare. Dermacol Stoma Collar. These are made for your stoma size.

Angell delight

I am doing well with the washers and convex Mio, but I will definitely order some Salts collars and try them.

Thanks for the advice, xxx.


Interesting link, thanks Pete. I'm wondering if I can get a sample in the U.S. ?

Angell delight

Ok, so two weeks have passed and there are no leaks, no more sore skin, and I have my confidence back. Amazing new convex bags by Sensua Mio, which came on the market in the UK on November 1st.

I highly recommend.

pete b

Glad they have worked out for you as well, Angell... They are the best on the market.


Received my samples this weekend. Did the change and now let's see how the week goes. They sent samples of other products as well.


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