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Has anyone who has a colostomy along with a hernia had surgery to repair the hernia? What is the recovery time, do you find it was worth to do the surgery?



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I have an ileostomy and have had 2 surgeries for parastoma hernias.  Both hernias in 2014.  I had surgery in January and by May had another hernia, worse than the first one.  I was in the hospital for the first one 11 days because of complications and only 4 days for the second one.  Each one I had about 6 weeks recovery time.  The second surgery they put mesh in and I have not gotten anymore since then.


for some reason my body does not respond well at all with surgeries. I had surgery to repair a hernia. Mine also with the mesh. recovery for me was no fun at all, but in the end I'm sure glad I did it. ... I say do it !


Hello krushinka. It's a good question and I hope you get a lot of replies because I'd like to know the answers myself.

Best wishes



I don't have a hernia, however my surgeon said I will get one. Was wondering what the percentage is of getting one. You can't believe Google.


I don't have a hernia, however my surgeon said I will get one. Was wondering what the percentage is of getting one. You can't believe Google.


It took me 26 years to get my first one, then I had 2 in the same year.  I have a hernia belt that I wear if I'm doing anything that involves lifting.


Tks for response Terry. Did you get the hernia from lifting? Also, how wide is your belt, where did you get it and do you sleep with it on?



 I was warned as well with a comment " Its not if, its when you will get a hernia" as a result I wear a nu-hope, 4 inch. I'm pretty active & don't want to take a chance. I wear it all the time, except when sleeping then I switch to a 1" belt. So far no problems.


Tks for the info. Strange that the medical field don't mention wearing a support belt. Will get the belt. Tks again.


I'm so happy you posted this as I am about go in for a parastomal hernia repair myself.  I have had mine since my inital surgery back in 2011 and it has gotten worse over the years.  In the past year, I have taken to wearing two abdominal binders because of how much it protrudes. 


Hi Newbi, do you mind me asking how you got the hernia. From lifting? Good luck with surgery.


I think the physical therapist actually was responsible for it.  However, my case is particularly delicate because I don't have lower abdominals.  Hence with a weak core, any kind of activity where my core muscles are strained will cause it to protrude even more.


Tks for response.


hi all,

 i just had another hernia repair and yes from lifting way to much. sometimes it not the weight but doing a lot of lifting all the time its also how you are picking things up, plus if you dont use a buddy when you should is what gets you. i was told if i dont quit lifting object i can have more at my new site so i have a 10 lb limited restriction lol what fun but i will do my best to fallow it since it took long time to get the first one fixed.

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