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Suggestions for colostomy irrigation

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

Hello  I started the irrigation process early this morning.  I had everything that I needed with me and for one strange reason or another it did not respond.  I placed teh cone in my stoma and low and behold nothing.  What did happen was that the water would filter out while the cone was in and fell into the sleeve but, not all of it 1.5 liters.  I am hoping that this model will work for me. I did reinsert the coe severa times.  Where did all of tha water go.  On my end it si 12:42.  It has been several hours know.  I am going to try again tomorrow morning.  Please chim in with suggestiosn or questions.  thanks


Hi.  When you begin to irrigate, make sure you have an ample supply of water (different for everyone;  I use Coloplast economy irrigation kit, No. 1511; I fill it up past the numbers and the letters LP T... almost to where it spills out when I hang the bag). 

Next, make sure all the air is out of the tube.

Then place cone in stoma and open water flow... let it run for about 15-20 seconds, then stop the water and press gently around the stoma.  Many times there is a bit of blockage at the base of the stoma, and doing this procedure once or twice will loosen it.

Now place cone in stoma and start flow.  

Also, it's important not to be dehydrated when you irrigate.  Try to drink water before you begin. 

Hope this helps.


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oh thank you i will give it a try in the morning


Hello Bettyjoe. Thanks for letting us know what is happening with your first attempts. Don't give up on it just yet, it's like Kittybo says, everybody is different and you need to know your stoma.

Because I developed a hernia which blocks the stoma, I could not get the cone in at all for a while and water was spurting out into the sleeve like you describe. However, with a little digital exploration, I found out what was wrong and figured out how to overcome it. It was my stoma nurse who showed me how to poke my finger in the stoma to identify what is happening  and I have been doing that for some years now because things change in there and I want to know what is happening so that I can do something about it. What I found was that I could not get my finger in at first because the peristomal muscles that were blocking the way were so strong they would not let anything past. With perseverance, I applied some medium pressure with my little finger and left it there for a minute or so. Much to my surprise, the muscles suddenly relaxed and my finger just slid into the stoma with no problem at all. Once it was in there for a few seconds, the muscles started to try to push it out again. The strength in the muscles is amazing and it took quite a lot of effort to keep my finnger from being pushed out. Then, after about thirty seconds or so, it all relaxed again. This process kept repeating itself - presumably just like it would if it was trying to expel faeces. Knowing what was happening has allowed me to time the insertion of the cone so that it gets past these muscle bockages and I make sure I apply enough pressure so that the cone doesn't get pushed out again when the next peristalsis pressure gets underway.

Back to the irrigation process:  

First of all, because of all the spillage,  I needed much more water than was possible in the kits provided. Secondly, I needed a bit more water pressure so that it could help the cone insertion past the blockage.  My solution was to adapt a 5 litre pressurised container ( the first one was a garden sprayer but I found a better one later) Pumping the water in, gave enough water pressure to allow the cone into the stoma without causing any damage. I keep my eye on how much water was lost in that process and then I know how much is actually getting into the stoma and I can judge when to stop. Any spare water is quite useful for cleaning around the stoma when the process is finished. 

If you are rich, there is a water pressure gadget on the market that I did a review on a few years back that works quite well, but still did not contain enough water for my requirements. If you are interested, the review is still listed as one of my blogs. ( I'll see if I can find the date for you)

Best wishes


PS: 08/17/12 Review of Braun Irrimatic 


Hi BettyJoe...I'm so sorry you had a bad experience irrigating the first time. I agree with the other post that you might try making sure you're very hydrated before you try again. I typically use 1.5 liters but it's true that amount is different for everyone. I can't explain where the water went (?) but I'm wondering if there is something blocking the flow?? I'm also curious what type of supplies you have...you may have said this but I don't have your post in front of me but was the bag empty of the water? I actually talked to another ostimate on the phone prior to starting and he gave me a lot of good information...I know he would be willing to help you too as would I if that is something you're comfortable with. If you want I would be glad to give you a call...sometimes things can be clarified easier that way. I don't want to be intrusive but if this is something that you think would help send me a number to reach you and I or my friend on here that helped me will give you a call! I also have access to private messaging ( free for a month) if you're more comfortable with that I can send you a private message and you can give me number to reach you. Don't give up..I feel sure this is just a glitch! :) CH


yeah i would love to speak to you.  I really hope to get this going.   i can see how sappealing this is. This morning I tried it again.  I did get some output but, I am certain thst it wasnt enough.  I did better with the amount of water that wen tinto my stoma.  I was able to insert the cone more this time.  I was also wondering if I should be lying down.  I did see on you tube that this certain guy had to lie down in order for this to work for him.  Let me know CH you are not intruding.  thanks


That sounds like you're making progress! I personally do not lie down but I would never rule it out if it works...my concern with that would be that sometimes the initial output will come quite rapidly and it seems a bit awkward in terms of allowing it to flow into the toilet. If you want me to send a private message to get your number I could give you a call tomorrow or whenever it's convenient for you...it's much easier to ask questions and voice concerns with a personal call...the other friend I referred to on here is Mild Mannered Super Hero and he messaged me saying he too was willing to help...he will walk you through the entire process..without him I would never have even tried it! There may be something I'm not sure about and if so we can loop him in...he's been irriigating for many years and has experienced almost every issue that can come up! Just let me know...you will get there! :) CH


Gravity..think about gravity............bag has to be high.......water has to flow in easily.....if it does not find opening......you will not damage stoma.......there is no feeling there.......do not lie down.......sit........even standing will force gravity to take control...in time your intestines wiull get used to this procedure and it will happens easily.......also....when it does work...it will flush with strength.....with pressure..........you will see........it works.......keep at it.............

Maybe you should explain what you are doing and how...so we can comment


ok guys got it.  CH you can message me OK.


Reading WAB's post I have to agree...probably not a great idea to lie down...he's absolutely correct that the bag that contains the water must be relatively high for the water to flow.


Hey BettyJoe...I sent you a private message..if you get a chance check your mail..it's in your inbox...hoping you're having better luck! :) CH


hey guys its a bit better but not fully irrigated.  I am puzzled but I am not giving up.  I am wondering if a pasty output compremisis the water floor.  CH I sent you the number.  I am sad really sad,  I can see how this is so appealing.  I will not give up.  I did not lie down LOL.  After not seeing results I stoped.  I do appreciate your support

Bettyjoe wrote:

 I will not give up.  

you will master it bettyjoe....it takes a few trys sometimes to get your routine worked out. hang in there laughing


Yes...do not give up............by the way .How warm is your water ?.................What you are doing is new to your system and your body will adapt................once it gets used to it...your body will wait for the irrigation...............I am not sure if others have done this ....but when I do not pass any stool..............I take a stool softner.................I do not need it often..............it depends what I have eaten........

Good Luck.you will get there


hello there today was much better.  the water temperature a bit warm.  I was able to insert more water therefore output flowed.  some cramping during the day.  not totally unusual for me however.   I am going to do it again tomorrow.  I am wearing a small pouch and no output.  Here in jersey its about 9:45 PM and I irrigated at about 7:30 this morninh some gas not much. CH I will contact you tomorrow. 


Hello Bettyjoe.

Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your progress and thanks to all those who have contributed to this post. It is stimulating and enlightening to have someone talk us through each stage of the process as you have been doing because, like so many people who have long-since been using the technique successfully, I tend to think of the positives and how much irrigation has helped and is helping me in my everyday life 'now'.

All those little obstacles I faced at the beginning have somewhat faded from my memory and it is good for me to be reminded that it was not all plain sailing back then.

I feel sure that, with your determination and perseverance you will very soon be a long-term irrigator and reap the rewards. However, the fact that you are sharing your experiences as they happen is so important for others who might be hovering on the brink of trying.

I would encourage you to continue keeping us all informed of both the good and the bad things that happen along the way and I am really pleased to read how others are responding with their own  knowledge and experienceand encouraging you to keep going.  

Best wishes



Hello folks  Another morning of irrigating.  It was much better, easier and I felt a bit more comfortable.  Its as you guys have posted so freeing.  OK so I am still wearing a small pouch out of fear but, I am certain that that too will change given time.  The water is going in more smoothly and plenty more I must say.  It took about 45 minutes but, I did have a surprise and lukily I had the pouch on, some output came out after the fact.  I would say about 10 minutes after I though I had finished.  Ok so it doesnt look appealing nor does it smell nicley but, guess what.  I am flusing as soon as I see output and I have a spray in the bathroom.  I thank you and others that have supported this model and I will do the same for those whom are coming along.  I will keep you posted.


Great BettyJoe...I'm so happy for you and I have made a new friend so it's a win for both of us! Each time you will get more confident about the process...before you know it it will be your normal way of doing things...keep us posted! :)

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yes CH it is a plesure. 


Hello Bettyjoe. Thanks for the update and I'm so pleased it is working out for you. I forgot to mention the late afterburst, which was very remiss of me but you get used to these things and they don't seem that important anymore. If I recall correctly, it was partly because of this outflow (in my case about 15-30 minutes after the main output) that I decided to irrigate in the evening and wear the sleeve as a bag overnight. Sometimes there is a hard-ish stool in the sleeve by the morning so I think this might have been pushed through in the early hours, otherwise it would have been liquid. Very rarely, I get a small hard stool push its way out during the day, even past the stoma plug. But hey! it is not very often and it causes no inconvenience. The benefits of not having output during the day, far outweigh the occasional 'bunny-current'.

As CH says  - keep us posted. I'm really enjoying reading your posts as they are much more accurate and detailed than my own generalisations and I'm pretty sure a lot of newbies and people who might be contemplating irrigation will appreciate them just as much - even if they may not post to say so.

Best wishes



hello folks i wanted to give you guys an updaye,  irrigating is going smoothly for me.  the bumps on the road are not concerning based on information presented here and researched.  its wonderful not finding myself in the bathroom constantly cleaning up.  i am determined, less fear and more confident.


Hello Bettyjoe. That's great to hear that you are persevering and it's going okay for you. 

Now you are an 'expert' by experience, I hope to see you continuing to help others by posting your feelings and experiences on here when people have similar questions and hesitations.  

Best wishes



good morning Bill  I sure will.  The support here for this model has been wonderful.  CH talk to you later.  Its awsome literally talking to another ostomy on the phone and such a kind person.  Yes indeed, great people.  Bill you are an insperastion.  As I chim in and read all that you suggest, or simply support is very cool.  You seem to have alot of knowledge as it relates to the human experience. 


Hello Bettyjoe. Thanks for your comments. Most of my personal experience with the human condition has been through exposure to it's worst elements so sometimes even I think my view of the world is somewhat negatively biased. However, every now and then I get a glimpse of people being nice to each other, even under difficult circumstances. That is why I like coming on to this site and why I try to contribute as much as I am able. Although I am acutely aware that it needs people like you and many others, to really keep the conversation alive, yet down to earth.

Best wishes



BettyJoe..I agree with Bill that there is nothing quite like experience to become an "expert" and yes...actually talking to someone can sometimes be an easier way to grasp an idea.  The human experience is so unique because it's individual for each of us...you may come across something to share with someone that completely makes their life easier...better. If we can't help each other I don't see much point to this life..continued blessings to you and we will keep in touch for sure! :)


Hello WAB I noticed that you were giing me informatiom as it concerns to caps and irigating.  I am still wearing my two piece pouch system after irrgating.  I am afraid to use the stoma caps right know.  I do have a supply of them waiting for me to put them on LOL.  I am irrigating and today I noticed that the output was more which I really like better. If that makes any sense.  Hey Bill and CH I hope you guys are good.


Hello Bettyjoe. Thanks for continuing to post on your progress with irrigation. It reminded me that I was still wearing bags long after I was successfully irrigating, just as a precuation until my confidencewas high enough to take the next step and use a stoma plug.  Without someone like yourself reminding us of these little things, they drift into the storage vaults of the mind and seem unimportant in the scheme of things. That is why it is so important for people to post their experiences and feelings as they are happening, as it gives a much more accurate description of what we go through at the time.

Best wishes



Hi  all. 

Ive just been reading this post.  Iv'e had a stoma 6 years and only just started irrigating. Its taken me at least six weeks to get used to my bodys needs. And getting it down to a fine art. 

I do mine in the evening. (Got more time). I find the warmer the water the easier it become.  I can somtimes get away with doing it every other day , i always stand with sleeve in toilet. I also have a jug of water handy for flushing sleeve.

I wish id done it years ago. Its great for traveling abroad. Planes. Work and eating out is great. 😊,

Stil aint brave enough to wear a plug tho. 😕


Hello wend. Thanks for joining us in this post and teling us what you do. The more contributions, the more people get to understand.

I do mine in the evening because I always get an 'afterburst' of discharge anytime from ten minutes to hours after the main event. It's much easier in the evening to simply carry on wearing the irrigation sleeve and making it into a bag for overnight.

I tried expeimenting with leaving it for more than a day but it was a disaster, so now It's an everynight occurance for me.

I made myself a proper ostomate seat for the toilet so that I can comforatbly sit on a foam padded board and the sleeve goes out front and betwen my legs. This arrangement allows me to sit for an hour or so and busy myself typing on the laptop so that I don't get bored or resentful at having to sit there for so long. My bathroom was rearranged very early on so that I have hot and cold water from a nearby bidet and I fill up an empty container that used to squirt cleaner around  the toilet. I find that when squeezed, this works a bit like a water pistol and allows me to direct the jet to wherever needs it within the sleeve. Once it's reasonably clean, then I wash it round properly by part-filling it with water from the bottom end and swilling it round - cleaning the stoma area at the same time. When all is clean I pour a small amount of smelly stuff into the bottom end of the sleeve just to make it smell reasonable for the rest of the night. At present I'm using aftershave that I got as a freebie, but in the past I've successfully used mouthwash  and a load of proprietry deoderants - which incidentally are no better than aftershave.

I do wear a plug and only rarely is there a problem with this method  so i would not go back to bags. My problem is  that the wafers come off or the peristalsis pushes the plug out, which creates an  uncomfortable pressure from the outside. I consider these as no problems at all compared with what I was putting up with before.

Best wishes



I ltoo sit and it seems to work out well.  I am up early by 6AM to start the process.  I am doing this every other day with good results.  I too am wearing a two piece pouch system (fear) lol.  I am sure that too will change.   'the cleaning of the sleeve isnt that difficult.  I pour water as I am flushing.  The odor is what I am working with.  I spray but, I have heard that pourimg something in the toilet will help.  My bathroom isnt all that big, but I try to keep it clear so that I feel more comfortable.  My grandosn slept over this past weekend and I couldnt leave the door open on one of my irrigating days and that was annoying.  Otherwise I am on my way.  Hey CH you and Bill and others have made this possible for me.  Thank You talk to you soon.

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