Seeking advice on irregular stool flow after colostomy


From the beginning of the colostomy, I have still experienced symptoms of diverticulitis, which was a frequent problem before the colostomy. That is, I may go 2 or 3 days with no activity at all, then experience Noah's flood for a couple of days. Gradually, the stool becomes harder and smaller, then completely stops again. I have learned that thin soup thins the stool and pasta thickens it, but not enough to explain what is happening. Any comments out there?


Well, what you are describing is not diverticulitis. It sounds more like IBS. If you had diverticulitis, you would NOT be eating because it would be too painful, and you would be in the hospital on two heavy-duty antibiotics. You could have a fever and might show a high white count. What you are describing sounds more like you go a lot and clean out, so then you don't go for a day or two. The same thing happens to me. No idea why you think that is diverticulitis. Why do you? Sounds normal to me.

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When I still had a belly button, I experienced alternating periods of severe constipation and severe diarrhea. My PC physician diagnosed both IBS and diverticulitis, which was confirmed by a colonoscopy. I had to have several precancerous polyps removed. Since the symptoms were similar, I thought it was the same disease. I am so new at this, I am still learning. Thanks for your reply and your information. That helps a lot.


I have to agree with HarleyDoll. If you have diverticulitis, you would know it. The pain is rather excruciating, and eating and the desire to eat is the last thing on your mind. My ileostomy is the result of perforated diverticulitis that was misdiagnosed.



I have had diverticulitis pre-colostomy and I just thought the symptoms were similar. I actually figured out what the cause was after doing hours of reading on this blog/forum. (See my blog Flow Stoppage 2). It was the paste adhesive on my stoma. It had been applied so high on my stoma that, when it hardened, the stoma was restricted so much that no stool could pass. When I changed the bag and applied the paste much lower on my stoma, everything started functioning normally.

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That is good to hear, DB.


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