Ileostomy Blockage Pain Relief: Seeking Advice


After having my ileostomy since 2006, I am experiencing my first blockage. Any suggestions on how to stop hurting and help it pass?


NJ Bain


Sorry to hear that. Eleven years without an obstruction or blockage is pretty good.

I guess it would depend on the pain you are experiencing. When I have an obstruction, it's usually because I ate something without chewing it up well enough. Something like peanuts, corn or something fibrous.

The pain I've experienced from an obstruction is kind of like a rolling gas pain that comes and goes every minute or so. I've taken Gas-X or the equivalent to take a bite out of the gas pain. And one of two things happens in my case. Either the obstruction passes slowly, or I would throw up and that tends to get things moving one way or another. Again, this is just my experience.

Stretching seems to loosen things up. But if your case is severe, you can always go to the ER. In my experience, they just made me get into different positions. More severe blockages may require more drastic measures.

I'm sure more members will chime in here. Hope this helps.


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Brown eyed girl

Hi! Since my original surgery in 2003, I have had several blockages ranging in level from slight discomfort to 'Call the ambulance NOW'!!! I try to nurse it at home until I start throwing up or until pain becomes unbearable, keeping in mind that unless I do call the ambulance, I can expect to spend several hours waiting in the ER waiting room untreated. I have had some horrid experiences in ER rooms.....and also some very, very kind and understanding staff who have been most helpful. Sometimes they admit me, sometimes not. But usually do at least have a CT Scan of abdomen performed. I have heard drinking grape juice helps. My blockages usually run their course, it's just a matter of whether I think I can handle it at home or if I think I will need IV pain meds. And absolutely if I start to dehydrate, I go on in to the ER. I generally prefer to be safe rather than sorry and go on in if it lasts a significant amount of time.

I am sure you will find lots of helpful advice here!



A warm shower with a massage shower head, a hot water bottle or even a hot bath, hot tea or maybe even prune juice. I'm sure you're much better by now, so what worked for you?

I hope you didn't have to go to the hospital, but it is always a great idea if you are in too much pain. Blockages are the worst. Pain is right, we have to chew our food extra well so we don't get them.


OK, by now I'm sure it's better, but I'll put in my 2 cents...

(Stage 4 ovarian cancer with colostomy here.)

Blockages can be fatal. Prune juice, OTC laxative, but if you vomit, get to the hospital immediately.

But on the lighter side, we play this colon-blockage game a lot. It's a continual challenge.

We try to balance a diet that won't cause blockage (it varies, but this week all leaf greens are out),

Beef never works for anything.

I was doing my veggie garden today and couldn't help but tear off a few leaves of kale and munch them down... Might be contacting you next from the hospital!

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister

Blockages are frightening and very painful. So far I've avoided them by using a heating pad.

Massaging my abdomen; position changes (knee-chest good) and walking. It's imperative to chew, chew, chew all food to avoid this very bad occurrence. Good luck to you.


Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. I haven't been back on to reply or give an update. Sorry. After a week of trying the different suggestions, with very little relief, I ended up going to the ER. But thankfully, the CAT scan showed no blockage. So, I'm not sure what was causing my discomfort and pain. I was off the weekend, so I ended up eating very little and resting. And I do feel better. Thanks again for everyone's advice.

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Walk, walk, walk and drink Coke!


Glad to know you're feeling better, Joanna!! Maybe you had a pocket of gas?????


Hi Joanna, I have had the same problem with blockage. I went to the ER twice and was told it was a small intestinal blockage. Another doctor told me it was scar tissue. Another doctor says it's stress. I've had two colonoscopies and all was good. I believe it's all of the above, and I stopped seeing doctors and hospitals about it. I believe the stress part to be true because I don't have any more of those bills to pay. I do have to watch what I eat - tomatoes, peppers, corn, mushrooms, sometimes french fries and potatoes. What's funny is I can eat the skinny french fries, but the thicker they are cut, the more pain I have. I take Excedrin Extra Strength Migraine Headache pills for the pain. I sometimes use a hot water bottle and that helps. But if the pain is severe, nothing helps. I've learned what to eat and what not to eat. It's different for everyone in terms of what they eat that will cause the pain. My thinking is if you throw it at the wall and it sticks, don't eat it. If it slides down the wall, then you're okay. This theory has worked for me pretty well. You'll have to do some of your own kind of research to help yourself. Don't try to overdo things too - if you feel tired, take a break. I'm trying to get Social Security Disability because of the pain. I wanted to keep working until I was 65, but the pain was becoming more often and I would be calling in sick or leaving work early, so I took retirement at 63 because the only relief was to sit and relax. I work for an auto parts store and some of the customers who come in can be extremely difficult to deal with, so there's the stress I didn't think caused any of the pain. Since I stopped working, the pain has been a lot less and I feel better. The only problem is the Social Security Disability Department believes I can still work. I think they have no idea the pain that an ostomate suffers during the course of everyday life. I believe this is an issue they need to take more seriously and do a little more research on. Hope this helps, Bob