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Found my skin solution to irritation!

Posted by Ranjen617, on Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:29 am

I went from irritation from the hospital to a miracle in no time. Just applied a few things from others and it's working. My pain nights have been reduced as well as the need for pain meds. Here goes!

Been an ileostomy patient since March 2017. Skin irritation since day one with my ostomy.

Stoma powder is great for small issues. Nystatin and baby rash barriers with the use of stoma paste works miracles. I use Butt Paste myself on the diaper rash products. It's the zinc that heals along with the crusting technique.

1. Clean area using plain water on a warm cloth.

2. Dab on your choice of diaper rash barrier (Butt Paste is my go to for even my face due to meds from migraines.) Let this sit on for as long as possible in the air. (Trick to help output during changes is 4 to 6 regular size marshmallows - It works!).

3. Take off as much but leaving a small film of the diaper rash formula on the treatment area.

4. Apply Nystatin (generic Nystop) like you would stoma powder. Then use the crusting technique with a barrier wipe. Powder again, crust again. Two layers needed with drying using a blow dryer in between.

5. Barrier paste of your choice. I used Convatec for the no burn properties but Adapt or any other is fine. Cover gently with paste over your crusted area to form a decent barrier from your skin/wound care.

6. Use a stoma ring type barrier of choice over this area around the stoma. You're done unless you want to add another skin barrier that comes in those 4x4 type skin barrier. I use a little paste on my flange opening before attaching to that barrier.

7. Now that's it. Immediate relief. You now have skin protection and sore protection all included. You'll see a huge difference asap.

The trauma of the burn gets to me physically and mentally. Something that is causing me to get up and even walk to gain strength. After this technique you'll get a full nights sleep and many days of weartime. Painkillers not even needed until the next change. I wait like my doctor said until I feel an itch. I'm much better after one application vs stoma powder crusting since the hospital and home. Newly learned technique that was a true miracle.

That burning sensation can ruin your life and mentally wear you down as it hurts to no end.

Hope this helps. I wear a two piece Sensura Mio system with convex. Flat stoma. High loose output. Two piece because of bag changing capabilities without stressing the irritated skin trying to heal.

Good luck and best wishes to all, Jen from Alabama

Reply by CascadianAaron, on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:24 pm

I have sensitive skin and Convatec products are the absolute WORSE for me as I (for some reason) had to find out the hard way again recently. Tried some new Esteem samples from Convatec and in four days with two different products my skin is red, itchy, crusty, and weeping!!!

Between Convatec, Hollister, and Coloplast...I have found Coloplast Sensura products to be the most skin friendly by a longshot. Just wipes, stoma ring (for longer wear, not neccessary for three day wear), and barrier. No other special treatments needed. I'm coming up on six years as an ostomate and Coloplast has been my go to for 5.5 of those years.



Reply by vikinga, on Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:33 pm

Jen, Not sure if I understand what is causing your pain?

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