Colostomy Reversal - Healing Process and Experiences?


Hi guys

I'm home lying in bed from a procedure to see if my rectum is in good shape for reversal.

I was wondering if anybody has had the same situation as me. And if so, how was the healing process?

I had cervical cancer 8 years ago. A year later, I ended up in the hospital with stomach poison. The general surgeon cut me open to fix an area of radiation damage to the sigmoid colon. He decided he didn't want to do it and put a colostomy. I've had it for 7 years and have made the best of it with no complications. I recently went to a specialist, and he said today that my rectum is clean and healthy, and he can go in and reconnect me. I'm excited but very nervous. He said I would most likely have an ileostomy for 6 weeks to allow the resection to heal before allowing bowel in it. He did tell me that most of his patients will say at one point that they wish they still had the bag. He said I have to be positive and trust him that in time everything will get back to normal. Have any of you experienced this?

Thanks Love Shug


Hi Shug,

Different reason but similar op, after my reversal it was like being toilet trained again, like knowing if you need the toilet or just to pass wind, get reconnected, stay strong and live well, good luck x

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Hello Shug.

I have no experience of this at all but it sounds good and I wanted to wish you well.

Best wishes



Hi Shug!

I wish you the best of luck and a quick recovery!

My sister has just had her ostomy operation a couple of weeks ago. It's a tough experience for her and us. It's tougher here in Tanzania as ostomy supplies are very expensive and we can't afford them. Basically, I am asking for donations of ostomy supplies. If you have any left and won't be in use anymore, please may we have them.


Yes indeed.

Absolutely, I will send when I'm done and will be praying for her and your family.

Sincerely, Shug

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Thank you.

I have that feeling right now. Just from the endoscopy where they blew air in there. I've been close to a toilet. I'm trying to prepare. Congratulations on your reversal. I hope and pray you are doing awesome. God bless. Love, Shug.


I do feel blessed after reading some stories. Thank you for your reply and well wishes. Sincerely, God Bless Love Shug


Needcrew haven't experienced that, but I truly wish you well!! God bless


Thank you very much, Shug.

May God bless you with a quick recovery as well.


Thank you sincerely


Send me your mailing address, please.


I'm sorry, Russell.

When I click "Reply" to a person's reply, it must go to everyone.

I was asking Stoneham for her address so I can send her sister some supplies.




No problem, onward and upward xx


I just had a colostomy reversal two weeks ago. I had a DaVinci robot-assisted hysterectomy last July, and it burned my sigmoid colon as well as perforated my jejunum through and through. The doctor didn't know it. I had half a gallon of sepsis two days later. I was rushed to a different, closer hospital where they saved my life. I had a sigmoid colectomy, a jejunum resection, and a colostomy in August, and late December I was well enough for a reversal or "takedown". It took a day only before things started kicking in, and I went home the following day. I have had no issues and am feeling fantastic. The process they use to prepare you is well received and works.


Wish you the best!! Be careful as you continue to recover!! God bless! Angelica Marie


I had my reversal surgery in December of last year. I had totally freaked myself out reading about the horrible outcomes and spending months at home near a bathroom!! Either I have the best surgeons or I'm extremely lucky, but the reversal was not too bad. I spent 5 days in the hospital and was home. It took several weeks for my system to return to "normal," but it was never a dire emergency where I couldn't get to a bathroom!!!

Would love to share more if you're interested,



Hi, always good to share especially as we're all different and a good story gives others hope xx

New Orleans guy

Hi, I'm Al from Harahan, married, no kids, permanent ostomy for 3 years or so. Retired also, used to do triathlons up until I got colitis and C. diff and removal of colon. To be honest, I went through a depression with the ileostomy, always afraid of leaks and self-conscious. Not so bad now... Good luck on your reversal, you will be your old self again soon!! We sure have had some freaky weather lately!! Take care sweetie!! Al


Well, New Orleans guy, it looks like we are fixing to get real freaky weather...

Thank you all for the input and well wishes. I go to New Orleans tomorrow in this nasty weather to talk and schedule my surgery. Prayers appreciated.


Hi everyone,

My mum just had a colostomy reversal done on the 4th of Jan 2018. The doctors here in Nigeria... well, I don't think they even know what the post-op issues are, so no one has told us what to expect or not. She was discharged 11 days later. She got home and we discovered pus coming out of the wound. This was drained, and just a few minutes ago, the doctor dressed it and discovered the wound has now opened and is not healing.

My mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which was what led to this colostomy. Please, I need some counseling on what to expect. I'm already at my wits' end.



You are so lucky! Please, did you encounter any challenges?


Jenerprise, I just got my (hopefully) temporary colostomy. I had it done emergently in Wisconsin. I'm curious if there's a surgeon you recommend in MN? I'd like to have a backup that isn't 5 hours away...-)


Praying for you


FYI. There is a lady who attends the monthly UOAA in Minneapolis that has had a reversal and she attends to support people in similar situations. The meeting is the 3rd Monday of the month. I try to send out reminders a few weeks prior to the meetings if you want me to put you on the list?



Yes!!! I actually won't allow another surgeon to touch me. Dr. Mark Sneider. He saved my life when I was brought into the ER and did my reversal 6 months later


Hi Chris!

I reached out to Eileen and told her I would attend the St. Paul meeting if she would like that. It sounds like that woman has the other side of the river covered:). Thanks for the note!!


Please feel free to email me directly:


People who have successful reversals often migrate away from this site. Those with complications or who are incontinent are more likely to come back here. So, you likely are not seeing a true cross-section of those who have had reversals.


Thank you for that note!

It is actually one of the reasons I have stayed on this site. I feel I can offer a bright side to the reversal process and procedure based on my own experience!!

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